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Born addicted: As opioid-affected births rise, early treatment is key

Grand Forks Herald - 16 minutes ago

Canopy VC arm ready to pounce if U.S. legalizes marijuana -- Canopy Growth Corp.'s venture capital arm is barred from investing in the U.S. pot market, but its founders are ready to take advantage of "the most compelling opportunity in the history of capitalism," if federal laws change.

Toronto Star - 34 minutes ago

How to survive an edible marijuana overdose

Guardian UK - 45 minutes ago

Sackler family members face mass litigation, criminal investigations over opioids crisis

Guardian UK - 8 hours ago

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff -- Meet the first legal recreational marijuana customers in Massachusetts: a pair of veterans

Boston Globe - 1 hour ago

Florida sues Walgreens, CVS over opioid sales

CNBC - 1 hour ago

Monday US briefing: Sackler family members face opioids investigation

Guardian UK - 2 hours ago

Heroin scourge -- Drug addicts use baby-changing facilities in public toilets to inject heroin

Irish Sun - 5 hours ago

Can Marijuana Save This Maori Community in New Zealand?

New York Times - 2 hours ago

Making marijuana legal is a mistake

Boston Herald - 4 hours ago

Evzio: The overdose-reversal drug with a $4000+ price tag

Naloxone can save the life of someone experiencing an opioid overdose, but is it accessible? The price for an injector of the drug has skyrocketed

CBS News - 4 hours ago

More signatures will be required on recreational marijuana, other petitions, due to high voter turnout

Tulsa World - 10 hours ago

Saving your child from an opioid overdose

CBS News - 12 hours ago

Mel B opens up: Cocaine, sex tapes and suicide attempt

NZ Herald - 15 hours ago

B.C. minister says son died from drug overdose

CTV News - 16 hours ago

Former GOP Congressman: Marijuana and the 2018 election -- did we miss something?

Largely lost in the massive attention focused on the electoral results of 2018’s congressional voting, were the many ballot initiatives and state constitutional amendments on which votes were cast.

Fox News - 16 hours ago

Florida Sues Walgreens, CVS, Alleging They Added To State's Opioid Crisis

Huffington Post - 18 hours ago

Florida adds Walgreens and CVS to state-court lawsuit as Attorney General says the drugstore companies 'played a large role in creating the nation's opioid crisis'

Daily Mail - 20 hours ago

The oil boom in Texas and New Mexico is causing overcrowded schools, soaring traffic fatalities, and drug abuse, so energy companies are offering $100 million in aid

The last decade's shale boom has led to school overcrowding, soaring traffic fatalities, drug abuse, and strains on the power grid.

Business Insider - 21 hours ago

University of Minnesota doctor in midst of opioid conflict over work with drugmaker

Critics fear a potent new painkiller he worked to get OK'd will worsen epidemic.

Star Tribune - 1 day ago

Medical marijuana or your gun? In Missouri, you'll have to make a choice

The Kansas City Star - 1 day ago

Here's what's behind Mexico's radical move toward legalizing marijuana during its war on drugs

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 1 day ago

Stop and study before allowing recreational marijuana

Chicago Tribune - 1 day ago

Florida sues CVS, Walgreens over sale of opioids

ABC News - 1 day ago

Cannabis-savvy nurses help Canadians explore medical marijuana

Following the legalization of recreational marijuana, a growing number of Canadians are looking to experiment with cannabis for its medicinal properties. Many are now turning to nurses for help.

CTV News - 1 day ago

Florida sues CVS, Walgreens over opioid sales - The Boston Globe

Boston Globe - 1 day ago

Marijuana is getting cheaper. For some states, that's a problem.

Chicago Tribune - 1 day ago

Mel B snorted SIX lines of cocaine a day while on X Factor

Daily Mail - 1 day ago

Infant suffers brain damage after cocaine exposure

CNN - 1 day ago

16.7 tonnes of cocaine seized by US Coast Guard

Independent UK - 1 day ago

Baker: Opioid crisis is 'a relentless foe'

Boston Globe - 1 day ago

Vinay Menon: A live pig, a peacock and a giant salamander: Here's why drinking and shopping don't mix -- Market research claims 4.3 million Canadians have online shopped while under the influence in the past year. And this was before legal marijuana, which is sure to create a new category of impaired consumerism in 2019, writes Vinay Menon.

Toronto Star - 1 day ago

MAJOR SEIZURE -- Heroin worth €2.1m found in woman's luggage at Dublin Airport

Irish Sun - 1 day ago

'Narcos: Mexico': Michael Pena on "Pressure" of Playing DEA Agent Who Spearheaded War on Drugs

Hollywood Reporter - 1 day ago

Air Force Academy Cadet Accused of Cocaine Use Faces Court-martial

Junior cadet and football recruit Ethan Walton faces a maximum sentence of five years for the drug charge. - 2 days ago

Multi-agency Drug Sweep Nets 49 Arrests, $500M in Cocaine: Coast Guard - 2 days ago

Man arrested after cocaine worth €145,000 found in car in Dublin

Irish Post - 2 days ago

From high-flying lawyer to drug addiction hell

NZ Herald - 2 days ago

U.S. Coast Guard seizes $500 million worth of cocaine

Reuters - 2 days ago

EXCLUSIVE: Judge rules Mel B can keep joint custody of daughter Madison with Stephen Belafonte after she passed weeks of drug and alcohol tests

Daily Mail - 2 days ago

Social media posts by marijuana companies may have teen appeal

Channel NewsAsia - 2 days ago

New Zealand makes biggest cocaine bust in banana shipment

News 24 - 2 days ago

Unpublishing historic marijuana charges a challenge for newsrooms | The Star

I expect newsrooms across this country will face the question of unpublishing stories head on in coming days as people charged and convicted when marijuana possession was a criminal offence request to have news reports of those charges disappear from the online record published first on news sites and now accessible via Google and other search engines.

Toronto Star - 2 days ago

Epidemic in youth use of e-cigarettes: FDA chief Scott Gottlieb

USA Today - 3 days ago

$500 Million of Cocaine Seized by Coast Guard Delivered to Port Everglades

The U.S. Coast Guard unloaded about 18.5 tons of cocaine, seized in international waters in a series of interdictions. - 3 days ago

Legal marijuana in Kansas? Incoming governor supports medical use

The Kansas City Star - 3 days ago

Midterms show that voters are ready for criminal justice reform. Is Congress?

Ballot measures across the country restored right to vote for felons, rejected war on drugs, and tightened police accountability.

USA Today - 3 days ago

2 Chainz wants to put a THC tiger in your tank with his new cannabis brand Gas

Los Angeles Times - 3 days ago

Bipartisan duo seek to make it easier for veterans to use medical marijuana

Washington Examiner - 3 days ago

Doctors still advise against marijuana for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Channel NewsAsia - 3 days ago

Why is Canada running out of marijuana?

BBC News - 3 days ago

Pearland police make drug possession arrests

Houston Chronicle - 3 days ago

This JoCo suburb just became the latest local government to sue the opioid industry

The Kansas City Star - 3 days ago

Judge admonishes ‘El Chapo’ attorney for ‘hyperbolic’ claims about U.S. government - Los Angeles Times

A federal judge dealt a blow to the defense in the trial of Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Wednesday morning, ruling to sharply limit what attorneys can argue in a case his lawyer called “a straight frame-up” by the U.S. Government.

Los Angeles Times - 4 days ago

Recreational marijuana? The case for curiosity and caution in Illinois

Chicago Tribune - 4 days ago

Research shows a single dose of cocaine irreversibly alters brain

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 5 days ago

Report shows opioid crisis is costing Mass. workforce billions in lost productivity

Boston Globe - 5 days ago

Heroin addiction: 'You only get one life'

BBC News - 5 days ago

Khashoggi KILLERS 'high on heroin in mysterious audio recording' claims President Erdogan -- MURDERED journalist Jamal Khashoggi's audio recording has been called "appalling" by Turkish...

Daily Express - 5 days ago

Fifth lawsuit filed against JoCo doctor and the maker of the opioids he prescribed

The Kansas City Star - 6 days ago

Pennsylvania company takes control of Southern University's marijuana growing partner

The Advocate - 6 days ago