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Tilray Marijuana Stock Could Drop By $0.12 Despite Huge Q4 Revenues

International Business Times - 7 minutes ago

Live coverage: NJ marijuana legalization committee hearings today -- If NJ marijuana legalization is approved by two committees today, it could set up a legal weed vote as soon as next week. -- Marijuana

North Jersey - 44 minutes ago

Are you for or against Pennsylvania legalizing recreational marijuana? [vote]

Lancaster Online - 50 minutes ago

The chaotic moment Barry Cofield was arrested with heroin

Officers held former Giants defensive lineman Barry Cofield at gunpoint while ordering him out of his car last summer after a police pursuit, new video shows. The footage, obtained by TMZ Sports,

New York Post - 50 minutes ago

John Boehner on marijuana legalization: Federal laws are out of step with what 33 states have now done

Fox News - 1 hour ago

Walmart sells marijuana-themed hoodie for... children

Montreal Gazette - 1 hour ago

John Boehner Was Once 'Unalterably Opposed' To Marijuana. He Now Wants It To Be Legal

NPR - 1 day ago

8 people charged after Lancaster police search apartment in K2 sales investigation

Eight people were charged with drug-related crimes after investigators searched a Lancaster home Friday, police said.

Lancaster Online - 2 hours ago

New urine test for prostate cancer developed by Irish scientists

Nearly 90% of men with aggressive prostate cancer have DNA changes detectable in urine

Irish Times - 3 hours ago

Mexican cartels create new border headache for Trump as they switch from cocaine to deadly synthetic drugs

Enrique, wearing braces on his teeth and a black cap, talks quietly and carefully as he describes how he 'cooks' fentanyl.

Telegraph UK - 3 hours ago

Marijuana lounges? Let's move cautiously on future of pot use

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 3 hours ago

Florida’s shift on medical marijuana encouraged by millions in political donations

The shift by Florida’s governor and Legislature toward allowing smokable medical marijuana was encouraged by $2.5 million in political donations by cannabis companies, including some five-figure checks in February.

Miami Herald - 4 hours ago

Rounding up reader thoughts on marijuana legalization debate [opinion]

Lancaster Online - 5 hours ago

Lt. Gov. Fetterman to stop in Lancaster today to gather opinions on legalizing recreational marijuana

Lancaster Online - 4 hours ago

What's behind Florida's embrace of medical marijuana? (Hint: It's green)

Tampa Bay Times - 4 hours ago

Benjamin Netanyahu 'considers legalising marijuana'

Independent UK - 19 hours ago

NHS is bringing in guidelines for GPs on prescribing painkillers – in a victory for the Mail's campaign to stop the UK following the USA's opioid epidemic

Daily Mail - 5 hours ago

On Politics: The Pro-Pot Primary

New York Times - 7 hours ago

Korean currency found in Pierre Taki's residence gives positive result for cocaine

Tokyo Reporter - 8 hours ago

Mama June Arrested For Drug Possession

International Business Times - 9 hours ago

Marijuana treatment could act as 'sexual enhancement'

Boston Globe - 12 hours ago

Vermont State Police trooper revived after collapsing from exposure to opioid-like drug

Investigation underway after Sgt. Brett Flansburg came into contact with a substance during a traffic stop late Friday

CBS News - 13 hours ago

Minnesota medical marijuana task force has 'no real purpose' ST. PAUL — Members of a task force charged with evaluating Minnesota's medical cannabis program say the group is ineffective and poorly run....

Grand Forks Herald - 17 hours ago

$1.1M home bought with illegal marijuana business

CNN - 19 hours ago

What's it like to administer life-saving naloxone? We hear from Alberta's front-line workers -- As opioid overdoses at Alberta's drop-in facilities continue, we talk to workers and advocates about the toll of being on the front line of the opioid crisis.

Toronto Star - 21 hours ago

Aussie GP: 'MDMA is not that dangerous'

NZ Herald - 21 hours ago

Mama June, mother of Honey Boo Boo, arrested for crack cocaine possession

Consequence of Sound - 22 hours ago

Legalizing Marijuana, With a Focus on Social Justice, Unites 2020 Democrats

New York Times - 23 hours ago

Mama June Shannon had crack cocaine, needles and a pipe' during arrest

Daily Mail - 1 day ago

Record cocaine busts signal West Africa is transit hub again

Stars and Stripes - 1 day ago

Police: Mom, son sold cereal laced with THC

North Jersey - 1 day ago

Medical marijuana: Kiwis cash in on cannabis 'green rush'

NZ Herald - 1 day ago

Netflix’s Upcoming Documentary The Legend of Cocaine Island Asks: “Why Aren’t More Movies Titled The Legend of Cocaine Island?”

The eternal question.

Slate - 1 day ago

RCMP worried Hells Angels and Mafia would take over medical cannabis business, internal report says -- The 2013 RCMP report also stated that Mexican cocaine cartels were pushing into the mining industry and showing interest in swallowing up Canadian resource businesses.

Toronto Star - 1 day ago

Mama June reveals 'I think I'm pregnant' in Season 3 premiere of From Not To Hot.... days after she's taken in for crack cocaine possession

Daily Mail - 2 days ago

Denki Groove's Pierre Taki: 'I started using cocaine and marijuana in my 20s'

Tokyo Reporter - 2 days ago

New Milford man indicted on drug charges -- Police reportedly uncovered 46 marijuana plants from Victor Collado's home in January. -- News

North Jersey - 2 days ago

Marijuana really DOES give women better orgasms, study finds

Daily Mail - 2 days ago

Opioid Maker Purdue Promises Not to Profit from Its New Overdose Antidote

Gizmodo - 2 days ago

Mama June arrested for felony drug possession and domestic violence

Daily Mail - 2 days ago

Methadone Helped Her Quit Heroin. Now She’s Suing U.S. Prisons to Allow the Treatment.

New York Times - 2 days ago

Marijuana companies can rarely open accounts at Illinois banks. Lawmakers want to change that.

Chicago Tribune - 2 days ago

Alaska passes groundbreaking marijuana legislation

Mashable - 2 days ago

Marijuana supper clubs in Chicago: 'It's not ... some kind of criminal enterprise going on here. It's a dinner party.'

Chicago Tribune - 3 days ago

Can Cannabis Solve the Opioid Crisis?

Scientific American - 3 days ago

Doctor who oversaw Palm Beach County drug treatment center goes to prison

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 3 days ago

Stitt signs Unity Bill regulating Oklahoma medical marijuana industry

MAR 14, 2019 - Gov. Kevin Stitt signed House Bill 2612 Thursday, a measure commonly referred to as the medical marijuana Unity Bill. The bill encompasses Oklahoma's fledgling medical marijuana...

Oklahoman - 3 days ago

Azar warns of 'long fight' ahead against opioids

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said Thursday that the government was seeing results in its efforts to stop the opioid crisis, but that success would not come easily.

Washington Examiner - 3 days ago

Oklahoma GOP governor signs medical marijuana rules into law

Oklahoman - 3 days ago

David Benavidez is back in the ring after costly failed drug test and tampering case

Los Angeles Times - 3 days ago

To be blunt: Marijuana is a big part of users' everyday lives - 3 days ago

Trump's new FDA chief must wage fierce fight to stop the opioid epidemic. Gottlieb didn't.

Commissioner Gottlieb — thank you, next. Your FDA hasn't taken aggressive action needed to help millions of Americans affected by opioid addiction.

USA Today - 3 days ago

British aristocrat Jack Marrian acquitted of cocaine smuggling by Kenyan court

Kenya’s High Court acquitted a British aristocrat on Thursday of smuggling cocaine in a shipment of sugar, ending a high-profile case that captured public interest in how the justice system would treat the scion of a prominent colonial-era family.

Telegraph UK - 4 days ago

Forget Marijuana, Feiglin's Been Smoking Some Pretty Strong Ideological Stuff

Haaretz - 4 days ago

Court fight could delay medical marijuana application process in Vista

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 4 days ago

Rise in UK opioid prescriptions contributes to surge in overdose fatalities

World Socialist Web Site - 4 days ago

Oklahoma Supreme Court rejects immediate opioid trial delay

MAR 13, 2019 - OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a request by drugmakers to immediately postpone the start of what is expected to be the first state trial in lawsuits...

Oklahoman - 4 days ago

The Latest: Oklahoma court: No immediate opioid trial delay

Oklahoman - 4 days ago

Rapid urine test could detect pregnancy-related stroke risk in minutes

Daily Mail - 4 days ago

J&J Labeled `Kingpin' of Opioid Drug Epidemic by Oklahoma

Epoch Times - 4 days ago

Cutbacks by some doctors halved new opioid prescriptions over 5 years

Channel NewsAsia - 4 days ago

Doctors Are Prescribing Fewer Opioids, but Not Always for the Right Reasons

Gizmodo - 4 days ago

CEO of OxyContin-maker says bankruptcy is 'an option' as company faces opioid lawsuits

Chicago Tribune - 4 days ago

Baltimore's promising experiment in combating the opioid epidemic

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 5 days ago

Editorial: Along ‘Heroin Highway,’ and other familiar roads

This long-running fight must be taken up at the local and regional levels — and at the federal level as well.

North Jersey - 5 days ago

Opioid Litigation Brings Company Secrets Into The Public Eye

NPR - 5 days ago

Delaware doctor accused of trading opioids for sexual favors

MAR 13, 2019 - WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — A Delaware doctor is accused of prescribing opioids in exchange for sexual favors to a female patient who was undergoing treatment for long-term drug addiction.The...

Oklahoman - 5 days ago

Opioid manufacturers turn to state's top court in effort to delay trial

Oklahoman - 5 days ago

Washington is latest state to sue major opioid distributors

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 5 days ago

Testing positive for marijuana won't get you fired at more than half of Colorado companies, survey says

The Denver Post - 6 days ago

Minnesota Senate panel votes against recreational marijuana

Oklahoman - 6 days ago

Scientists Produce Active Ingredients in Marijuana Using Yeast

Haaretz - 6 days ago

'Queen of Versailles' family turns attention to opioid crisis after daughter's death: 'I am on a mission'

ABC News - 6 days ago

Oklahoma lawmakers send medical marijuana bill to governor

Oklahoman - 6 days ago

Tackling America's opioid abuse epidemic | Video

Channel NewsAsia - 6 days ago

What would you want to ask/tell Lt. Gov. Fetterman at the 'marijuana listening tour'?

Lancaster Online - 6 days ago

How US schools are preparing for opioid overdoses

Teaching staff in Alabama are being trained in how to use injections to revive pupils.

BBC News - 6 days ago