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Elevated opioid risks found at Native American hospitals

Stars and Stripes - 30 minutes ago

Brazil cocaine seizures up more than 90% in first half of 2019

Channel NewsAsia - 1 hour ago

Pence canceled New Hampshire trip to avoid meeting a drug trafficker - When Vice President Mike Pence abruptly canceled a trip this month to New Hampshire to discuss the opioid epidemic, White House officials refused to say why.

Boston Globe - 1 hour ago

Two Australians arrested in Bali reportedly linked to cocaine trafficking

Guardian UK - 3 hours ago

Biggest civil trial in U.S. history will begin in Ohio counties saturated by opioids -- Cuyahoga County and nearby Summit County soon will be at the centre of the most important legal test of how much responsibility drug companies bear for the opioid epidemic.

Toronto Star - 5 hours ago

The Latest: Navajo Nation wants feds to address opioid risk

Washington Times - 5 hours ago

Drug companies shipped 'hundreds of millions' of suspicious opioid orders to Ohio, court documents say

In 20 years, drug manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies and practitioners acted as street drug couriers and shipped "hundreds of millions" of suspicious opioid doses into two Ohio counties, according to a motion filed in the US District Court in the Northern District of Ohio.

CNN - 5 hours ago

Two arrested after heroin worth an estimated €115k is seized - 6 hours ago

Blac Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni accuses Wendy Williams of using cocaine

Fox News - 7 hours ago

‘The Chi’ actress Sonja Sohn arrested on cocaine possession charge

Sohn, whose legal name is Sonja Denise Plack, was booked on a felony cocaine possession charge, as well as misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana paraphernalia and drug paraphernalia.

Chicago Tribune - 8 hours ago

'The Chi' Actress Sonja Sohn Arrested on Suspicion of Cocaine Possession

She was released on $1,500 bail and will be arraigned on Tuesday.

Hollywood Reporter - 8 hours ago

Sonja Sohn of The Wire and The Chi fame is arrested on cocaine and marijuana possession in North Carolina -- Taken into custody

Daily Mail - 19 hours ago

List of firms handling Louisiana's opioid lawsuit balloons to 17, including politically connected ones

The Advocate - 21 hours ago

Cops bust Rs 5,000 crore heroin racket with links to Taliban

Times of India - 1 day ago

Drug bosses joked about US opioid crisis that killed thousands needl…

As the opioid epidemic was raging in America, in May 2008 a representative of the nation’s largest manufacturer of opioid pain pills sent an email to a client at a wholesale drug distributor in Ohio.

Independent UK - 1 day ago

Florida 'pill mills' were 'gas on the fire' of opioid crisis

JUL 20, 2019 - FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Florida survives on tourism, but a decade ago thousands of visitors made frequent trips to the state not to visit its theme parks or beaches. Instead, they...

Oklahoman - 2 days ago

3,271 Pill Bottles, a Town of 2,831: Court Filings Say Corporations Fed Opioid Epidemic

New York Times - 3 days ago

Counties: Drug companies shipped suspicious opioid orders

Oklahoman - 3 days ago

Q&A: Newly public data maps opioid crisis across US

Oklahoman - 3 days ago

Medicare going in ‘right direction’ on opioid epidemic, federal report finds

Prescriptions for two drugs used to treat opioid addiction increased significantly from 2016 to 2018 for people on Medicare, according to a federal report released in July.

Chicago Tribune - 3 days ago

Drug companies poured 76 billion opioid pills into US neighborhoods in just six years

World Socialist Web Site - 3 days ago

Data show "tsunami" of opioids across U.S. as death toll rose

Pharmaceutical firms shipped 76 billion oxycodone and other pills to drugstores as opioid epidemic was worsening

CBS News - 4 days ago

Oklahoma County seeking lawsuit against opioid manufacturers

Oklahoman - 4 days ago

Opioid shipments ballooned as an addiction crisis grew, data shows

Federal data shows drug companies distributed 8.4 billion opioid pills to pharmacies from 2006 to 2012, a 50% jump

CBS News - 4 days ago

First Look -- Overdose deaths appear to decline in United States -- For the first time in almost 30 years, overdose deaths likely fell last year. Strategies include tougher policing, treatment program expansions, and policies to limit opioid painkiller prescriptions. But overall progress remains slow and uneven.

Christian Science Monitor - 4 days ago

Louvre in Paris removes Sackler name after opioid protests

SF Gate - 4 days ago

Louvre museum covers Sackler name after opioid protests

A sign listing donors had been removed from its place on the wall, with only the holes and outline remaining.

NBC News - 4 days ago

Federal data reveals extent of Teva's role in fueling US opioid crisis

Times of Israel - 4 days ago

1.4 billion opioid pills prescribed in Oklahoma

JUL 18, 2019 - In Jefferson County, an annual average of 92 pain pills per person was pumped into the rural county near the Texas border between the years of 2006 and 2012, one of the highest rates in...

Oklahoman - 4 days ago

Data show many companies contributed to US opioid crisis

JUL 17, 2019 - WASHINGTON (AP) — The maker of OxyContin has been cast as the chief villain in the nation's opioid crisis. But newly released government figures suggest Purdue Pharma had plenty of...

Oklahoman - 5 days ago

Oklahoma County seeks to prosecute opioid manufacturers

Oklahoman - 5 days ago

Federal government adds millions for 'essential' harm reduction in opioid crisis -- Subscriber content

The Globe and Mail - 5 days ago

Spanish Police Arrest Man For Smuggling Cocaine Under Over-Sized Toupee

International Business Times - 5 days ago

DEA tracked every opioid pill sold in the US. The data is out—and it's horrific

Ars Technica - 5 days ago

CBP in San Juan seize 6 pounds of heroin hidden in van's brakes

Dominican Today - 5 days ago

Federal data shows opioid shipments ballooned as crisis grew

Newly released federal data shows how drugmakers and distributors increased shipments of opioid painkillers across the U.S. as the nation's addiction crisis accelerated from 2006 to 2012.

CNBC - 5 days ago

Federal Judge Orders Release Of Dataset Showing Drug Industry's Role In Opioid Crisis

NPR - 5 days ago

The Latest: Data shows spread of 76 billion opioid pills

Oklahoman - 6 days ago

J&J vows to defend itself in talc, opioid lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson vowed to defend itself against lawsuits alleging the company fueled the opioid crisis and that its namesake talc-based baby powder caused ovarian cancer and mesothelioma.

CNBC - 6 days ago

Man Arrested In Spain Had Cocaine Under Toupee: Police

Huffington Post - 6 days ago

Johnson & Johnson falls despite 42% profit spike amid talc, opioid litigation fears

Johnson & Johnson's profit jumped 42% in the second quarter, with all three of the sprawling health-care company's businesses performing better than Wall Street expected.

CNBC - 6 days ago

Colombian man busted trying to smuggle cocaine under his wig

A Colombian man who looked nervous coming out of his flight in Barcelona, Spain caught the attention of security officials not for his actions, but for his very unusual looking wig.

Fox News - 6 days ago

Colombian caught in Spain with cocaine under toupee

Reuters - 6 days ago

Attorneys make closing arguments in state case against opioid manufacturer

Oklahoman - 7 days ago

Oklahoma AG calls company 'kingpin' in state's opioid crisis

Oklahoman - 7 days ago

Latest: Oklahoma prosecutor calls drugmaker opioid 'kingpin'

Oklahoman - 7 days ago

Church conference, Oklahoma agency partner for Opioid Outreach

Oklahoman - 9 days ago

17,000 Pounds of Cocaine Seized From Submarine After Coast Guard Chase

Dramatic video shows the Coast Guard trying to stop a vessel suspected of smuggling drugs into the United States.

Inside Edition - 10 days ago

Meth in the morning, heroin at night: Inside the seesaw struggle of dual addiction

Chicago Tribune - 10 days ago

A peek into opioid users' brains as they try to quit

Chicago Tribune - 12 days ago

First lady Melania Trump in West Virginia for opioid talk

Oklahoman - 14 days ago

Teen took up to nine MDMA capsules before dying at festival, inquest hears

Australian Broadcasting Corp - 14 days ago

Oklahoma presses opioid case against Johnson & Johnson

Oklahoman - 18 days ago

Opioid drug defendants ask Oklahoma judge to end case

Oklahoman - 19 days ago

Finding new ways to combat NJ’s opioid crisis | Opinion

Overdose prevention centers provide a compassionate option, and are statistically proven to curtail overdose deaths.

North Jersey - 19 days ago

Defense expert disputes claim that opioid addiction a life sentence

Oklahoman - 20 days ago

Opioid products had extensive testing, review process

Oklahoman - 24 days ago

US government seeks part of Oklahoma's $270M opioid deal

Oklahoman - 25 days ago

Federal government demands portion of Oklahoma's $270 million opioid settlement

Oklahoman - 25 days ago

Attorney General Mike Hunter says opioid makers tried to 'brainwash' prescribers

Oklahoman - 25 days ago

Lawyers pause plan to divide any national opioid settlement

Oklahoman - 27 days ago

The Latest: Lawyers pause plan to divide opioid settlement

Oklahoman - 27 days ago

Oklahoma ScissorTales: Opioid settlement funds need to be earmarked

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Oklahoma governor, GOP leaders agree on opioid settlement

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

State leaders reach agreement on $85 million opioid case payment

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Oklahoma opioid abatement plan's first year cost pegged at over $870 million

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Foster mom describes challenges of caring for baby suffering from opioid withdrawal

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

UN health agency to remove controversial opioid guidelines

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Oklahoma medical examiner testifies in state opioid lawsuit

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Retired Oklahoma judge to mediate opioid settlement funds

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Making medical marijuana legal does not prevent fatal opioid overdoses, study says

Los Angeles Times - 1 month ago

Japanese national dies in airplane after ingesting 246 packets of cocaine

Tokyo Reporter - 1 month ago

Amarillo Globe-News: Texas lawmakers on right track to rein in opioid crisis

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Point of View: Hemp, THC and the law

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Actor Dennis Quaid says cocaine once consumed his life

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Oklahoma Supreme Court rejects immediate opioid trial delay

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

The Daytona Beach News-Journal: A new weapon in opioid fight

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Attorney general blames corporate greed for opioid crisis as Johnson & Johnson trial begins

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Attorneys make opening statements in opioid trial

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Long-awaited opioid trial to begin Tuesday in Norman

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Drugmaker Teva Agrees To Pay Oklahoma $85 Million To Settle Opioid Case

Huffington Post - 1 month ago

Teva agrees to $85 million settlement in opioid public nuisance case

Oklahoman - 1 month ago