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Leader of Mexican Drug Cartel 'Los Zetas' Pleads Guilty to Trafficking 'Tons' of Cocaine Into US

Epoch Times - 4 hours ago

'Euphoria' star Angus Cloud accidentally overdosed on meth, cocaine and fentanyl

NPR - 6 hours ago

Baja California state police officer arrested at border with cocaine allegedly hidden in car

The officer told investigators he had just picked up his car from a mechanic and did not know the drugs were stashed within seats, according to the federal complaint

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 19 hours ago

Drug lines exposed after teen dealers sold heroin and crack to undercover police

WalesOnline - 23 hours ago

'Euphoria' star Angus Cloud overdosed on mix of fentanyl, cocaine and more, coroner confirms

Los Angeles Times - 23 hours ago

Angus Cloud cause of death revealed: Euphoria star had lethal combination of fentanyl, cocaine and meth in his system as his death is ruled accidental

Daily Mail - 1 day ago

County line dealer busted selling 'wholesale' quantities of crack cocaine

WalesOnline - 1 day ago

I've seen the ruined lives behind the cocaine habits of the dinner party set who love to brag about their ethical values, writes HARRIET SERGEANT

Daily Mail - 1 day ago

Heroin addict babies, leeches, dodgy spivs? Come on, nurse - it's meant to be Christmas!

Daily Mail - 1 day ago

Trone: By investing in non-opioid pain relief, we can reduce substance use disorder | READER COMMENTARY -- Congress has an important role to play in reducing the number of lives lost to substance abuse.

The Baltimore Sun - 2 days ago

Meet the People Deciding How to Spend $50 Billion in Opioid Settlement Cash - KFF Health News

Kaiser Health News - 2 days ago

MDMA-assisted therapy could soon be approved by the FDA. Will insurance cover it?

Los Angeles Times - 2 days ago

Heroin smuggler sentenced to 15 months in prison

Irish Post - 3 days ago

K2-18b: the exoplanet that could have signs of life -- The Explainer -- Scientists may have discovered evidence of farts from alien marine creatures 120 light years away -- By Arion McNicoll

The Week - 4 days ago

Psychedelic drug MDMA eases PTSD symptoms in a study that paves the way for possible US approval

A study has found that the psychedelic drug MDMA, combined with talk therapy, can reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

AP News - 7 days ago

MDMA Therapy Inches Closer to Approval

New York Times - 8 days ago

Books -- Patrick Anderson Jr. Explores Miami's Cocaine Cowboy Days in His Debut Novel

Miami New Times - 9 days ago

Painkiller: Purdue Pharma and the opioid epidemic dramatized

World Socialist Web Site - 10 days ago

With federal NOPAIN Act, Maryland doctors, advocates hope fewer opioids will be prescribed

The federal NOPAIN law aims to reduce opioid use by incentivizing outpatient surgical centers to use other pain relief methods like nerve blocks and long-acting numbing medications.

The Baltimore Sun - 11 days ago

Kroger agrees to pay up to $1.4 billion to settle opioid lawsuits

One of the nation’s largest grocery chains is the latest company to agree to settle lawsuits over the U.S. opioid crisis.

Chicago Tribune - 13 days ago

Researchers prep human trials for Fentanyl and heroin overdose vaccine

Daily Mail - 22 days ago

Summer surge in opioid overdoses uncovered by Hennepin County tracking

Star Tribune - 1 month ago

Shark Week: Are Sharks Eating Jettisoned Cocaine Bags off Florida?

Shark Week: Are sharks feasting on cocaine thrown overboard by drug dealers on the run in Florida's coastal waters?

Inside Edition - 2 months ago

Night Out Receipts: A Trio of Dips, a Flask of Fireball, 'Generous' Lines of Cocaine

VICE News - 2 months ago

4 Olympic Games staffers from U.S. and U.K. arrested for using cocaine

Tokyo Reporter - 1 year ago