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Programs to connect opioid abusers with treatment set to expand

Boston Herald - 19 minutes ago

Opioid addicts on how they got addicted -- Matthew Rozsa

Salon - 31 minutes ago

Big drug distributor pays $22 million to settle US opioid charges

Morris & Dickson, one of the largest U.S. wholesale drug distributors, agreed to pay $22 million in civil penalties to settle U.S. government charges that it failed to report thousands of suspicious orders of the opioids hydrocodone and oxycodone.

CNBC - 3 hours ago

Durham cop faces prison time after pleading guilty to trafficking cocaine -- Husen Aswat, an officer in Durham since 2008, was arrested in September of 2017 after an undercover investigation into suspected cocaine trafficking at the Black Bear Bar and Grill on Westney Rd. S. in Ajax.

Toronto Star - 3 hours ago

Big drug distributor pays $22 million to settle U.S. opioid charges

Reuters - 3 hours ago

Big drug distributor pays US$22 million to settle US opioid charges

REUTERS: Morris & Dickson Co, one of the largest U.S. wholesale drug distributors, agreed to pay US$22 million in civil penalties to settle U.S.

Channel NewsAsia - 4 hours ago

Morris & Dickson pays $22-million to settle U.S. opioid charges

The Globe and Mail - 4 hours ago

Podcast: Hear one family's story of opioid addiction

San Francisco Chronicle - 6 hours ago

APNewsBreak: Iowa aide fired after reporting opioid scheme

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 7 hours ago

In Midst Of Opioid Crisis, FDA May Block New Addiction Drug From Market

NPR - 7 hours ago

We must attack opioid overdoses with the same aggressiveness that we did with HIV | Opinion

Miami Herald - 8 hours ago

McKinsey and JPMorgan drop Purdue Pharma as consulting and banking client

Companies are distancing themselves from the Oxycontin maker and its founding family amid thousands of lawsuits

CBS News - 9 hours ago

JPMorgan cuts ties with maker of OxyContin Purdue Pharma over its alleged role in the US opioid crisis

Daily Mail - 10 hours ago

Oklahoma takes on drugmakers J&J, Teva in landmark opioid trial

Reuters - 13 hours ago

FDA chief Gottlieb resigns as agency battles teen vaping, opioid crisis

FDA chief Gottlieb leaves his post as the agency wages a pitched battle against teen smoking and tackles complex CBD regulations.

CNBC - 14 hours ago

K-9 unit tracks down $1.4 million of cocaine during a traffic stop

CNN - 22 hours ago

2020 -- How Joe Biden's Policies Made the Opioid Crisis Harder to Treat -- For decades, he promoted the War on Drugs. Now, experts say Biden's laws ended up worsening the opioid epidemic in the very places he says he can win in 2020. -- Zachary Siegel

Politico - 1 day ago

Purdue infiltrated WHO, manipulated opioid policies to boost sales, report finds

Ars Technica - 1 day ago

JPMorgan Chase cuts ties with Purdue Pharma over alleged role in opioid crisis

Guardian UK - 1 day ago


News 24 - 1 day ago

Bring medically proven opioid treatments into jails and prisons

Washington Examiner - 1 day ago

5-Year-Old Brings Crack Cocaine To Preschool: Police

Huffington Post - 1 day ago

Death of Columbine survivor Austin Eubanks renews discussion on opioid crisis

Former Opioid and Drug Abuse Commission member Patrick Kennedy on addiction in America.

Fox News - 1 day ago

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz signs opioid crisis response bill

Increased fees for drugmakers will raise $20 million a year for addiction prevention and treatment.

Star Tribune - 2 days ago

Parents with opioids put kids at twice the risk of suicide attempts

Daily Mail - 2 days ago

US lawmakers demand UN health agency change opioid guidance

Oklahoman - 2 days ago

New Study Finds CBD Could Curb Heroin Addiction

Oklahoman - 2 days ago

Organised crime gang members busted selling heroin and crack in Wales

WalesOnline - 2 days ago

CBD could be effective in treating heroin addiction, study finds - 2 days ago

Actor Dennis Quaid says cocaine once consumed his life

Oklahoman - 3 days ago

Oklahoma Supreme Court rejects immediate opioid trial delay

MAR 13, 2019 - OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a request by drugmakers to immediately postpone the start of what is expected to be the first state trial in lawsuits...

Oklahoman - 3 days ago

Vermont attorney general sues owners of opioid manufacturer

Oklahoman - 3 days ago

CBD Might Help People Struggling With Opioid Addiction, Small Trial Shows

A new study out Tuesday is the latest to suggest that cannabis—or at least a key ingredient of it—might help people struggling with addiction. It found that people with opioid use disorder experienced less symptoms of craving when given cannabidiol, or CBD, over a placebo. CBD also helped them calm down and reduced their anxiety.

Gizmodo - 3 days ago

CBD May Reduce Drug Cravings in People with Heroin Addiction, Small Study Finds

A small study suggests that the marijuana compound cannabidiol (CBD) may reduce cravings in those with heroin addiction

Live Science - 3 days ago

The Unseen Victims of the Opioid Crisis Are Starting to Rebel

Wired News - 3 days ago

Cannabis chemical CBD could reduce heroin cravings and 'save lives'

Daily Mail - 3 days ago

'We’re going to save a bunch of lives': Opioid response bill...

Grand Forks Herald - 3 days ago

After opioid settlement, lawmakers seek to clarify AG's power

Oklahoman - 4 days ago

The Daytona Beach News-Journal: A new weapon in opioid fight

Oklahoman - 7 days ago

Police: 5-year-old brings crack cocaine to preschool

SF Gate - 9 days ago

Oklahoma judge rejects dismissal requests in opioid lawsuit

Oklahoman - 10 days ago

Norman judge rules opioid trial can continue

Oklahoman - 10 days ago

Flashback: Actor Shintaro Katsu deported from Hawaii after cocaine found in underwear

Tokyo Reporter - 11 days ago

West Virginia hospitals sue opioid companies; want damages

Oklahoman - 12 days ago

News attorneys: Opioid distribution data should be public

Oklahoman - 12 days ago

Cocaine deaths up in US, and opioids are a big part of it

Oklahoman - 12 days ago

West Virginia settles opioid lawsuit with McKesson for $37M

Oklahoman - 12 days ago

Emails: Purdue executive cast blame on opioid victims

Oklahoman - 12 days ago

Warren releases $100 billion plan to combat opioids epidemic

MAY 8, 2019 - WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has unveiled a new version of her plan to combat America's opioid epidemic, proposing to spend $100 billion over...

Oklahoman - 12 days ago

Experimental brain implants studied as opioid deaths rise

Oklahoman - 15 days ago

Experimental surgery gains support as opioid deaths rise

Chicago Tribune - 16 days ago

U.K. study finds cocaine-contaminated shrimp


Mashable - 17 days ago

Opinion: On opioids, other options for treating pain -- The opioid debate should focus on why we've used opioids and other drugs to mask patients' physical pain instead of fixing what's causing the pain.

North Jersey - 19 days ago

Majority of Americans say drug companies should be held responsible for opioid crisis

APR 25, 2019 - Fifty-seven percent of Americans believe pharmaceutical companies should be held responsible for making the opioid crisis worse, according to a new poll by NPR and Ipsos.

Oklahoman - 29 days ago

Oklahoma City and 4 other cities seek clarification of order approving partial settlement in state's opioid case

APR 3, 2019 - Oklahoma City and four other cities have asked to intervene in the state's lawsuit against opioid manufacturers. They want to make sure a judge's order approving a $270 million...

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

State's opioid case transforms in surprising turn of events

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Non-jury trial to decide Oklahoma's lawsuit against opioid manufacturers

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Working in background, lawyer reaps fees in opioid case

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

The Oklahoman to provide feed of opioid trial as court sets camera rules

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Point of View: Opioid deal a win for Oklahoma

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Point of View: Opioid settlement should be left to Legislature to distribute

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Israel approves compassionate use of MDMA to treat PTSD

Haaretz - 3 months ago

2 Chainz wants to put a THC tiger in your tank with his new cannabis brand Gas

Los Angeles Times - 6 months ago