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SF Gate - 20 minutes ago

'I killed my best friend': Opioids' fatal grip on a mayor and his friend

The Denver Post - 1 hour ago

Teen remembered as 'beautiful, intelligent' after suspected drug overdose at festival

Australian Broadcasting Corp - 56 minutes ago

OSBI evaluates whether fired pharmacy board leader bribed attorney, deleted evidence amid marijuana rules controversy

Tulsa World - 5 hours ago

Tampa welcomes Curaleaf, its newest medical marijuana dispensary

Tampa Bay Times - 1 hour ago

'All my other cats are used to it': Shocking footage shows man 'blowing marijuana smoke into the mouth of an abandoned kitten until she's stoned'

Daily Mail - 1 hour ago

A young mayor, his friend, and a fatal attraction to opioids

ABC News - 1 hour ago

'I killed my best friend': Opioids' fatal grip on mayor, pal

Lancaster Online - 2 hours ago

Holidays a dangerous time for those with substance abuse

The Advocate - 2 hours ago

Marijuana legalization seems headed to Minn., but it's unclear when

Star Tribune - 6 hours ago

Fortnite addiction sending kids to gaming rehab -- A behavioral specialist likens the game's pull to heroin. But some people say more forceful parenting would fix the problem. -- Allthemoms

North Jersey - 8 hours ago

After marijuana helps patriarch with Alzheimer's, his family pushes for more research

ABC News - 10 hours ago

PASS THE DUCHESS - Meghan Markle had marijuana goodie bags at first wedding, says dad Thomas - THOMAS Markle, 74, is now estranged from The Duchess of Sussex after not attending her wedding. The award winning lighting director also claims that he has 'pleaded' with the royal - his youngest child - to get in touch with him after their relationship fractured.

Irish Sun - 11 hours ago

Mighty Ducks star Shaun Weiss arrested for shoplifting

Daily Mail - 11 hours ago

Meghan’s father Thomas Markle reveals her sweet cards

Daily Mail - 13 hours ago

How opioids took the lives of a young U.S. mayor and his best friend

Two families in Pennsylvania are grieving the losses of two best friends to opioid overdoses six months apart.

CTV News - 14 hours ago

Marijuana legalization is working; most Americans are on board: Today's talker

As public support for cannabis legalization grows, questions remain about how to treat those affected by its prohibition.

USA Today - 16 hours ago

Nurse at VA hospital in Rhode Island admits he stole liquid opioids

Stars and Stripes - 1 day ago

Commentary: Don't say marijuana is harmless. A stoned driver killed my daughter.

Chicago Tribune - 1 day ago

Milwaukee task forces release drug overdose recommendations

Star Tribune - 1 day ago

Does cannabis cost, or pay? CCU study claims marijuana costs $4.50 for every $1 it generates

The Denver Post - 1 day ago

BETTY KYALLO angers fans with her stunt during first day at K24-She didn't see this coming (LOOK)

Daily Post Kenya - 1 day ago

Shoppers Drug Mart granted licence to sell medical marijuana online

CTV News - 1 day ago

Live-Streaming Your Broke Self for Rent Money

New York Times - 1 day ago

Marshalls fisherman hauls in 48kg of cocaine

News 24 - 1 day ago

Medical marijuana user, 78, evicted from subsidized housing

Tulsa World - 2 days ago

A look at where companies stand on marijuana business - 2 days ago

Elon Musk says video of him smoking a joint PROVES he doesn't use marijuana as it shows he doesn't know what he's doing and rejects claims he is 'erratic'

Daily Mail - 2 days ago

Most Americans think marijuana is MUCH safer than alcohol

Daily Mail - 2 days ago

Governor Murphy talks about marijuana legislationMarijuana

North Jersey - 2 days ago

Marlboro maker places $1.8 billion bet on marijuana - The Boston Globe

Marlboro maker Altria Group Inc. is taking a 45 percent stake in Cronos Group, the Canadian medical and recreational marijuana provider said Friday.

Boston Globe - 2 days ago

Possible results of GB Sciences, LSU marijuana research agreement? New strains, DNA banks, more

The Advocate - 2 days ago

Six Michigan Doctors Charged in $464 Million Insurance and Opioid Scheme

New York Times - 2 days ago

US agents nab 212 pounds of cocaine on Dominican-Puerto Rico ferry

Dominican Today - 2 days ago

Marlboro cigarette maker places a $2.4-billion bet on marijuana

Altria Group Inc., one of the world's biggest tobacco companies, is diving into the cannabis market with a $2.4 billion buy-in.The Marlboro cigarette maker is taking a 45% stake in Cronos Group Inc., the Canadian medical and recreational marijuana provider said Friday.Altria will pay an additiona...

Los Angeles Times - 2 days ago

How Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Out Could Lead to Heroin Addiction

Inside Edition - 2 days ago

Bay Area cannabis bandits arrested, 100 pounds of marijuana seized, police say

SF Gate - 2 days ago

Marlboro cigarette parent buying major stake in marijuana company

Chicago Tribune - 2 days ago

Marlboro maker Altria buys big stake in Canadian marijuana company

Altria, parent company of Philip Morris, dives into cannabis trade with $2.4 billion investment in Canadian marijuana company

CBS News - 2 days ago

Older Americans Are Flocking to Medical Marijuana

New York Times - 2 days ago

PHOTO - Sniffer dog to get prize for huge heroin raid

Hurriyet Daily News - 2 days ago

Google Searches Could Predict Heroin Overdoses

Scientific American - 2 days ago

Scientists create a drug to treat cannabis addiction

Daily Mail - 2 days ago

Megan McArdle: You may not like this idea, but it may be time to start prescribing heroin

Tulsa World - 2 days ago

NJ minimum wage, marijuana legalization make business jittery -- New Jersey businesses expect the economy to keep rolling in 2019, but they aren't keen on wage hikes or legal marijuana. -- MAIN STREET

North Jersey - 3 days ago

Editorial: NJ 'legal weed' bill lifts off, but final approval will require compromise

There is finally legitimate legislation to consider with regard to the legalization of recreational marijuana in New Jersey.

North Jersey - 3 days ago

Turkey seizes 1.27 tons of heroin in one operation, breaking national...

Turkish Minute - 3 days ago

Pot delivery one possibility as Colorado prepares for a year of change in marijuana industry

The Denver Post - 3 days ago

Groups sue to block medical marijuana compromise in Utah

Star Tribune - 3 days ago

Is America Ready For Prescription Heroin?

NPR - 3 days ago

Heroin, fentanyl and the need for more opioid prescriptions, not fewer

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 4 days ago

Marlboro maker Altria exploring move into marijuana market

Chicago Tribune - 4 days ago

Opinion: The incredibly unpopular idea that could stem opioid deaths

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 4 days ago

School-Based Counselors Help Kids Cope With Fallout From Drug Addiction

NPR - 4 days ago

Marijuana act could send outdated drug, alcohol policies up in smoke

Oklahoman - 4 days ago

Community forum on opioid crisis reveals desire for innovative, drastic changes in approach to addiction treatment

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 5 days ago

Surgery to remove wisdom teeth puts some teens and young adults on a path to opioid abuse

Teens and young adults who are prescribed opioids for dental procedures may be at increased risk for subsequent opioid use and abuse, a new study suggests.

Los Angeles Times - 5 days ago

Two indicted in cocaine-smuggling case involving 7th Special Forces Group soldier

Federal grand jury indictments handed down last week charge Gustavo A. Pareja, 24, of Colombia, and Henry W. Royer, 35, of North Carolina, with conspiring to possess and distribute cocaine in a case involving also 7th Group soldier Master Sgt. Daniel J. Gould.

Stars and Stripes - 5 days ago

Colorado should wipe low-level marijuana convictions clean

The Denver Post - 5 days ago

Teen pot use soars in states with legal marijuana - with kids starting as young as 12 in Colorado

Daily Mail - 5 days ago

Life expectancy keeps falling under opioid crisis. Here’s how Florida bucks the trend.

According to a new study by ConsumerProtect.Com, using data from the Drug Enforcement Agency, Florida leads all the states in reducing its sales of opioids. But life expectancy keeps falling nationwide.

Miami Herald - 5 days ago

Denver will help expunge marijuana convictions for 10,000-plus people

The Denver Post - 5 days ago

Teens who get opioids after wisdom tooth extraction may be at risk for addiction, study finds

Chicago Tribune - 5 days ago

El Chapo's trial is revealing the futility of the war on drugs

VICE News - 5 days ago

Some Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries are now selling products

Oklahoman - 5 days ago

Don’t ignore the data. Legislators who care about public safety must vote ‘no’ on marijuana | Cardinale

At the Nov. 26 committee hearing in Trenton on legalizing marijuana, passion ruled the day. Logic was on vacation.

North Jersey - 5 days ago

Oklahoma cities need power to regulate marijuana

DEC 4, 2018 - WHILE policymakers want to be forward-looking when the 2019 legislative session convenes, a notable part of their agenda must focus on unfinished business from 2018: addressing the need...

Oklahoman - 5 days ago

Boston should stop dragging its feet on marijuana shops

Boston Globe - 5 days ago

Canada's marijuana industry so hot it's importing workers - It was mid-summer, less than three months before Canada legalized recreational marijuana, and Vic Neufeld had a problem. The chief executive...

Grand Forks Herald - 6 days ago

A general counsel on the front lines of the opioid crisis

Houston Chronicle - 6 days ago