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60 People Charged in Illegal Prescription Opioid Crackdown

Epoch Times - 1 hour ago

"I would classify it as federally funded drug dealing": Dozens arrested in massive opioid bust

Medical professionals including doctors, nurses and pharmacists were arrested in seven states after prescribing 32 million pills

CBS News - 1 hour ago

8,900 heroin packets seized in Paterson, police say -- The operation targeted an area that authorities have described as being controlled by the "So Icy Boys" group of the Bloods gang, officials said -- Paterson Press

North Jersey - 3 hours ago

'White-coated drug dealers': 60 charged in U.S. illegal prescription opioid crackdown

CTV News - 3 hours ago

Boston Medical Center receives $89m federal grant for opioid study

Boston Globe - 4 hours ago


Manila Times - 5 hours ago

Jason Bonham wants you to know that Jimmy Page didn't introduce him to cocaine when he was 16

Consequence of Sound - 6 hours ago

Science Professor Reportedly Admits to Making MDMA With His Students Because What the Hell

Gizmodo - 6 hours ago

US launches four-state study to find ways to reduce opioid overdose deaths

Channel NewsAsia - 7 hours ago

U.S. launches four-state study to find ways to reduce opioid...

Reuters - 7 hours ago

Grand Forks man allegedly received heroin in the mail - A Grand Forks man is facing charges after investigators said he received an ounce of heroin in the mail last month. Destry Lenoward Simmons,...

Grand Forks Herald - 8 hours ago

Love Island star Sophie Gradon hanged herself, inquest rules

Daily Mail - 8 hours ago

US awards $350M in research funds to fight opioid epidemic

Star Tribune - 8 hours ago

Officer injures hand chasing Lancaster man wanted for heroin delivery: police

Lancaster Online - 10 hours ago

'I couldn't save him': One US family's pain after a heroin overdose

News 24 - 12 hours ago

Vet sentenced for implanting heroin in puppies as drug mules

News 24 - 12 hours ago

Bulgaria seizes 288kg of heroin in truck from Iran

News 24 - 12 hours ago

Cocaine and alcohol warning at inquest of Love Island’s Sophie Gradon

A coroner has issued a warning about mixing alcohol and cocaine after Love Island star Sophie Gradon hanged herself having consumed both substances. - 13 hours ago

US Medical Professionals Arrested in Huge Opioid Bust

Voice of America - 14 hours ago

US doctors accused of trading opioid prescriptions for sex and money

Scores of medical professionals across seven states were charged by federal prosecutors on Wednesday with schemes to illegally distribute millions of pain pills — in some cases exchanging opioid

Independent UK - 14 hours ago

60 arrested across 7 states in Justice Department opioid takedown

ABC News - 17 hours ago

One Doctor’s Answer to Drug Deaths: Opioid Vending Machines

Across North America, tainted opioids are killing people who use drugs. Vancouver’s Mark Tyndall says we should start dispensing safer pills using high-tech machines.

Wired News - 18 hours ago

Nine sentenced to death in Vietnam for dealing meth, heroin

News 24 - 18 hours ago

AG Mike Hunter's son got a job with the university program that's reaping most of opioid settlement, but AG's office says there's no connection

Tulsa World - 22 hours ago

Doctors Accused of Trading Opioids for Sex and Other Schemes in 7 States

New York Times - 1 day ago

Former Miami Police Officer Gets 15 Years for Running Cocaine-Trafficking Ring

Miami New Times - 1 day ago

Dozens of doctors in Appalachia charged in opioid fraud bust

Reuters - 1 day ago

Nearly 60 Doctors, Other Medical Workers Charged In Federal Opioid Sting

NPR - 1 day ago

Opioid crisis cost US $26 billion in lost tax revenue: study

Fox News - 1 day ago

Corruption in Venezuela has created a cocaine super-highway to the US

CNN - 1 day ago

Corruption in Venezuela has created a cocaine superhighway to the US

CNN - 1 day ago

The Oklahoman to provide feed of opioid trial as court sets camera rules

Oklahoman - 1 day ago

Drug dealers advertised themselves as 'Deliveroo' service for heroin and cocaine

WalesOnline - 2 days ago

Comanche County wants in on state opioid lawsuit

Tulsa World - 3 days ago

Why spice has become the new heroin in Welsh town and the communities it's wrecking

WalesOnline - 3 days ago

Working in background, lawyer reaps fees in opioid case

Oklahoman - 4 days ago

It's a metamorphosis put on super-stimulating methamphetamine - Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. In a matter of days, Robert Ho...

Korea Times - 6 days ago

Non-jury trial to decide Oklahoma's lawsuit against opioid manufacturers

Oklahoman - 7 days ago

Oklahoma's public nuisance case against opioid manufacturers to be tried before judge

Oklahoman - 7 days ago

Claremore doc sentenced in opioid-sharing scheme

Oklahoman - 7 days ago

Ex-Port Richey mayor Dale Massad used crack cocaine and meth, new records show

Before his arrest and incarceration, court records show the former mayor sent out runners to buy drugs for him and smoked crack cocaine nightly.

Tampa Bay Times - 7 days ago

The famous Welsh street that was built by an opium dealer

WalesOnline - 7 days ago

US warns docs not to abruptly halt opioid pain treatment

Oklahoman - 9 days ago

Film explores rural health care amid poverty, opioid crisis

Oklahoman - 11 days ago

Point of View: Opioid deal a win for Oklahoma

Oklahoman - 11 days ago

Oklahoma Supreme Court rejects request to delay opioid trial

Oklahoman - 13 days ago

Oklahoma officials to announce settlement with Purdue Pharma in lawsuit accusing drugmakers of fueling opioid epidemic

Oklahoman - 13 days ago

Oklahoma attorney general confirms $270M settlement with Purdue Pharma in lawsuit over drugmaker's role in opioid crisis

Oklahoman - 13 days ago

Local jurisdictions pay the price for nation's opioid crisis

Oklahoman - 13 days ago

Family behind OxyContin denies aggressive marketing, its first legal response to claims about its role in opioid crisis

Oklahoman - 13 days ago

State's opioid case transforms in surprising turn of events

APR 4, 2019 - In a surprising turn of events, attorneys for the state of Oklahoma on Thursday dismissed everything but a public nuisance claim against opioid manufacturers and announced they will seek...

Oklahoman - 14 days ago

Sony Music Artists drops Denki Groove's Pierre Taki after indictment for alleged cocaine use | TokyoReporter

Sony Music Artists Inc. has cancelled the contract of musician Pierre Taki after his indictment for alleged cocaine use

Tokyo Reporter - 15 days ago

Oklahoma City and 4 other cities seek clarification of order approving partial settlement in state's opioid case

APR 3, 2019 - Oklahoma City and four other cities have asked to intervene in the state's lawsuit against opioid manufacturers. They want to make sure a judge's order approving a $270 million...

Oklahoman - 15 days ago

Family behind OxyContin calls opioid suit false, misleading

Oklahoman - 16 days ago

Denki Groove's Pierre Taki to be indicted over alleged use of cocaine

Tokyo Reporter - 16 days ago

Oklahoma opioid settlement may help reframe views on addiction

MAR 31, 2019 - A $270 million settlement between the state and a major pharmaceutical company will provide a massive funding boost for drug addiction research and treatment at a time when opioid abuse...

Oklahoman - 18 days ago

Point of View: Opioid settlement should be left to Legislature to distribute

Oklahoman - 18 days ago

Oklahoma reaches $270 million settlement with opioid maker

MAR 26, 2019 - TULSA – The state of Oklahoma will receive $270 million as a partial settlement to its lawsuit against opioid manufacturers, Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter is set to announce...

Oklahoman - 23 days ago

Anger, hope from families and survivors of opioid crisis

Oklahoman - 23 days ago

Opioid makers lose bid for delaying Oklahoma trial

Oklahoman - 24 days ago

Opioid manufacturers turn to state's top court in effort to delay trial

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Oklahoma Supreme Court rejects immediate opioid trial delay

MAR 13, 2019 - OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a request by drugmakers to immediately postpone the start of what is expected to be the first state trial in lawsuits...

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Opioid makers seek delay in start of state trial

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

FDA chief Gottlieb resigns as agency battles teen vaping, opioid crisis

CNBC - 1 month ago

Party Drug or Breakthrough Treatment? -- Israel Approves Compassionate Use of MDMA to Treat PTSD

Haaretz - 2 months ago

2 Chainz wants to put a THC tiger in your tank with his new cannabis brand Gas

Los Angeles Times - 5 months ago