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The Weekly | A Secret Opioid Memo That Could Have Slowed an Epidemic

New York Times - 3 days ago

Opium addiction in Korea's past

Korea Times - 4 hours ago

No Pre-Reading, No Rehearsing: How ‘The Weekly’ Kept Its Recreation of Historic Opioid Testimony Authentic

New York Times - 9 hours ago

Mama June's reality career is left in limbo after drug arrest

Daily Mail - 11 hours ago

Crack cocaine turns Paris neighbourhood into 'hell'

NZ Herald - 15 hours ago

Shouldn't there be a law against reckless opioid sales? Turns out, there is -- Nicolas Paul Terry

Salon - 21 hours ago

Opium addiction in Korea's past

In 1892, rumors began to spread that opium was becoming a problem in Korea - especially along the Chinese border. Many people - who probably should have known better - played down the allegation insisting that it was nothing but a local (border area) problem.

Korea Times - 1 day ago

Crack Cocaine Makes a Paris Neighborhood 'Hell' for Users and Residents

New York Times - 1 day ago

Coast Guard cutter makes second big cocaine bust on way to new homeport in Hawaii

The new Coast Guard national security cutter Midgett, which arrived at its new homeport of Honolulu on Friday, has chalked up a second major drug bust — even before it is officially commissioned into service.

Stars and Stripes - 2 days ago

Race to save the rainforest: Why replacing cocaine barons with cattle ranchers is destroying the Amazon

Telegraph UK - 2 days ago

'Addiction Unplugged': PTSD and the Opioid Crisis - 2 days ago

Decline in opioid deaths is tied to growing use of overdose-reversing drug, CDC says

Los Angeles Times - 2 days ago

New guidelines on prescribing fewer opioids could have massive impact: Study

ABC News - 2 days ago

'What Would You Do?' focuses on the opioid crisis

ABC News - 2 days ago

New York pursuing Sacklers' financial records in opioid case

Oklahoman - 2 days ago

Purdue Pharma sought to divert online readers from critical L.A. Times series on opioid crisis, records show

Purdue Pharma discussed diverting online readers away from L.A. Times stories about its marketing of OxyContin and the opiois crisis, court records show.

Los Angeles Times - 3 days ago

Opioid Prescribing Guidelines Are Slowing The Flow Of Pills — But Progress Is Slow

NPR - 4 days ago

Four British men are arrested over seizure of MDMA worth £50m

Daily Mail - 5 days ago

Britons arrested in Australia and New Zealand with £50million worth of MDMA and meth

Daily Express - 5 days ago

Marijuana, opioid myths are topic of Parents Helping Parents meeting

AUG 14, 2019 - EDMOND — The Edmond chapter of Parents Helping Parents will meet at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at McLaren's Pantry, 3414 S Boulevard in the Boulevard Shopping Center. Dr. Harold C. Urschel...

Oklahoman - 5 days ago

Trial opens for Utah man accused in major opioid ring

Oklahoman - 6 days ago

The Latest: Trial opens for Utah man in major opioid ring

Oklahoman - 6 days ago

CounterAct provides treatment for opioid overdose before it occurs

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 8 days ago

Oklahoma's opioid trial judge parties with Snoop Dogg

Oklahoman - 11 days ago

Feds clarify change on opioid meds for government workers

Oklahoman - 12 days ago

Opioid distributors said to propose $10 billion settlement to end state lawsuits, stocks fall

Whether the drug distributors and attorneys general can agree to a deal remains uncertain, according to the report.

CNBC - 12 days ago

States urge changes in federal law to ease opioid addiction treatment

Oklahoman - 13 days ago

Data: 842M opioid pills sent to state pharmacies 2006-2012

AUG 5, 2019 - ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Opioid manufacturers distributed about 842 million pills to Minnesota pharmacies from 2006 to 2012, amounting to 156 pills for each resident, according to newly...

Oklahoman - 13 days ago

Ohio governor: 'No doubt' drugmakers caused opioid crisis

Oklahoman - 16 days ago

German customs seize record 4.5 tons of cocaine

News 24 - 17 days ago

Arizona asks for US Supreme Court involvement in opioid case

Oklahoman - 18 days ago

Brazil G20 trip airman had cocaine in suitcase - 20 days ago

Big question in opioid suits: How to divide any settlement

JUL 29, 2019 - The roughly 2,000 state and local governments suing the drug industry over the deadly opioid crisis have yet to see any verdicts or reach any big national settlements but are already...

Oklahoman - 20 days ago

Trump administration tightens opioid prescriptions for feds

Oklahoman - 20 days ago

CBS News seeks unsealing of documents in Oklahoma's opioid lawsuit

Oklahoman - 25 days ago

As the nation's opioid crisis grew, the pills got stronger

Oklahoman - 25 days ago

The Latest: AP: Opioid supply boomed as crisis worsened

Oklahoman - 25 days ago

The Latest: Navajo Nation wants feds to address opioid risk

Oklahoman - 27 days ago


Oklahoman - 29 days ago

Counties: Drug companies shipped suspicious opioid orders

Oklahoman - 30 days ago

Q&A: Newly public data maps opioid crisis across US

Oklahoman - 30 days ago

Medicare going in ‘right direction’ on opioid epidemic, federal report finds

Prescriptions for two drugs used to treat opioid addiction increased significantly from 2016 to 2018 for people on Medicare, according to a federal report released in July.

Chicago Tribune - 30 days ago

Oklahoma County seeking lawsuit against opioid manufacturers

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

1.4 billion opioid pills prescribed in Oklahoma

JUL 18, 2019 - In Jefferson County, an annual average of 92 pain pills per person was pumped into the rural county near the Texas border between the years of 2006 and 2012, one of the highest rates in...

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Oklahoma County seeks to prosecute opioid manufacturers

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

CBP in San Juan seize 6 pounds of heroin hidden in van's brakes

Dominican Today - 1 month ago

Federal data shows opioid shipments ballooned as crisis grew

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

The Latest: Data shows spread of 76 billion opioid pills

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Colombian caught in Spain with cocaine under toupee

Reuters - 1 month ago

Attorneys make closing arguments in state case against opioid manufacturer

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Oklahoma AG calls company 'kingpin' in state's opioid crisis

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Latest: Oklahoma prosecutor calls drugmaker opioid 'kingpin'

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Church conference, Oklahoma agency partner for Opioid Outreach

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Federal government demands portion of Oklahoma's $270 million opioid settlement

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Oklahoma ScissorTales: Opioid settlement funds need to be earmarked

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

State leaders reach agreement on $85 million opioid case payment

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Amarillo Globe-News: Texas lawmakers on right track to rein in opioid crisis

Oklahoman - 2 months ago

Point of View: Hemp, THC and the law

Oklahoman - 2 months ago

Actor Dennis Quaid says cocaine once consumed his life

Oklahoman - 2 months ago

Oklahoma Supreme Court rejects immediate opioid trial delay

Oklahoman - 2 months ago