Last updated: July 06, 2020 12:06 PM

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Dan Aykroyd Explains The Notorious 'Blues Brothers' Cocaine Budget

New York Post - 1 hour ago

Mexican drug smugglers 'torch' their private jet after landing it on jungle road when military planes started tailing it - as truck carrying more than $4.9million in cocaine is found nearby

Daily Mail - 10 hours ago

Funding shortfall cancels Minn. opioid response grants, raises call for change

Star Tribune - 1 day ago

Coronavirus creates new layer of risk for opioid addicts

Star Tribune - 1 day ago

What does the future hold for Mexico's opium poppy farmers?

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 2 days ago

In first veto of 2020, Colorado Gov. Polis rejects bill to curb opioid addiction

The Denver Post - 3 days ago

Amanda Staveley's PCP firm was not 'credible', says ex-Barclays boss

Evening Standard - 4 days ago

US agents seize 573 lbs. cocaine on Santo Domingo-San Juan Ferry

Dominican Today - 6 days ago

Amid Opioid Crisis, Insurers Restrict Pricey, Less Addictive Painkillers

ProPublica - 2 months ago

Attorneys General in 37 States Urge Insurance Industry to Do More to Curb Opioid Epidemic

ProPublica - 2 months ago

Senator Calls on Insurers to Improve Access to Non-Opioid Pain Treatments

ProPublica - 2 months ago

Pressure Mounts on Insurance Companies to Consider Their Role in Opioid Epidemic

ProPublica - 2 months ago

Opioid Makers, Blamed for Overdose Epidemic, Cut Back on Marketing Payments to Doctors

ProPublica - 2 months ago

New Zealand rugby player nabbed over alleged use of cocaine in Roppongi

Tokyo police have arrested a New Zealand rugby player for the Top League's Hino Red Dolphins over the alleged use of cocaine

Tokyo Reporter - 4 months ago

'It felt like I was being ripped open, and they wouldn’t help me’: Black, Latina women report more pain postpartum but receive less opioid medication, study says

Black and Latina women report higher pain postpartum, but they are getting fewer opioid medications.

Chicago Tribune - 4 months ago

Attorney general dismisses lawsuit against three opioid distributors, but plans to refile later

Oklahoman - 4 months ago

Oklahoma ScissorTales: Oklahoma AG goes after opioid distributors

Oklahoman - 5 months ago

States With Legal Marijuana Have Less Opioid Prescriptions On Average, Study Says

Inquisitr - 6 months ago

Inside Purdue Pharma's Media Playbook: How It Planted the Opioid "Anti-Story"

ProPublica - 7 months ago

Watch Richard Sackler Deny His Family's Role in the Opioid Crisis

ProPublica - 10 months ago

How Has the "Crack Cocaine of Gambling" Affected Illinois? The State Hasn't Bothered to Check.

ProPublica - 10 months ago