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Ontario passes bill to join B.C.-led lawsuit against dozens of opioid manufacturers - Subscriber content

The Globe and Mail - 10 minutes ago

CBP Seizes $1.97M in Hard Drugs, Including Record Heroin Bust

Epoch Times - 23 minutes ago

MLB removes marijuana from 'drugs of abuse,' to test major league players for opioids

Reuters - 55 minutes ago

MLB, Union Agree to Opioid Testing

MLB will start testing for opioids and will remove marijuana from the list of drugs of abuse.

Sports Illustrated - 57 minutes ago

MLB drug testing program will include opioids and cocaine

SAN DIEGO — Tyler Skaggs’ sad legacy will cover more than just opioid addiction. The former Angels pitcher’s grisly death earlier this year initiated conversations that led to changes in

New York Post - 1 hour ago

Major League Baseball Drops Marijuana, Adds Opioids, Cocaine To 'Drugs Of Abuse' List

NPR - 1 hour ago

Sweater design of Santa doing cocaine bestseller on Amazon after being yanked from Walmart's Canada site

New York Daily News - 2 hours ago

Delaware attorney general loses appeal bid in opioid lawsuit

AP News - 3 hours ago

Home Depot Receives Criticism Over Opioid Crisis Theft Comments

International Business Times - 3 hours ago

Florida Republican drags up Hunter Biden’s past cocaine use in impeachment hearing, gets blowback over his own DUI arrest

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz was arrested in 2008 for driving under the influence.

New York Daily News - 4 hours ago

Trump loyalist introduces impeachment amendment on live TV by bringing up Hunter Biden's cocaine habit, the CRACK pipe found in his car and the 'diamonds and scotch he took from the Chinese'

Daily Mail - 4 hours ago

Nearly 14,000 Canadians killed by opioids since 2016, federal advisory body says - Close to 14,000 Canadians have been killed by opioids ​​​​​​and more than 17,000 have been hospitalized for opioid-related poisoning over the last four years, according to new federal data. Health - | December 12 - |

CBC News - 4 hours ago

How OxyContin helped pave the way for an opioid crisis in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Inquirer - 7 hours ago

Amazon's bestseller list features Cocaine Santa sweater

Fox News - 7 hours ago

Drug gang boss flooded the Valleys with heroin and crack cocaine

WalesOnline - 11 hours ago

Death Toll Rising From Tainted Drug -- While the U.S. continues to focus mainly on the opioid crisis, cocaine is quietly making a comeback and has become one of the biggest overdose killers of African Americans when tainted with fentanyl. -- More From 'An Arm And A Leg': -- Why can't they tell you the price upfront?

Kaiser Health News - 13 hours ago

Opioid testing among MLB players will begin next season

Five months after Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs died with two opioids in his bloodstream, MLB and its players’ union have agreed on a new drug policy.

Los Angeles Times - 15 hours ago

California calls pot smoke, THC a risk to moms-to-be - 21 hours ago

One person dies of cocaine overdose every week, figures show

Irish Times - 23 hours ago

UCF probing into reports fraternity blindfolded pledge, forced him to use cocaine just months after wild stay at Keys resort

UCF is investigating reports that fraternity members blindfolded a pledge and forced him to use cocaine, threw drinks onto a dance floor and threatened to “jump” someone just months after the organization was accused of booking a wild getaway at a Keys resort under the guise of a business club seeking a “cultural” retreat.

Orlando Sentinel - 1 day ago

MDMA Could Be Tailored to Make It More Suitable for Treating Mental Illness

Scientific American - 1 day ago

Cocaine Santa sweater is now a best-seller on Amazon

New York Post - 1 day ago

Coast Guard Seizes 9,300 Pounds of Cocaine During Recent Patrol - 1 day ago

How Germany averted an opioid crisis

Chicago Tribune - 1 day ago

California considers declaring THC in marijuana a risk to moms-to-be

The Mercury News - 1 day ago

He Started Vaping THC To Cope With Chronic Pain. Then He Got Sick

NPR - 1 day ago

California considers calling THC in pot a risk to moms-to-be

ABC News - 1 day ago

Former Top Mexican Security Official Arrested On Cocaine Trafficking Charges

NPR - 2 days ago

Some states allow opioid addicts to try medical marijuana. The federal government isn't pleased

Los Angeles Times - 2 days ago

A man's own dashcam filmed him selling heroin while wearing a dressing gown

WalesOnline - 2 days ago

Maryland medical examiner's resignation underscores resource limitations amid opioid crisis

The Baltimore Sun - 2 days ago

Johnson & Johnson appeals Oklahoma judge's opioid ruling

Oklahoman - 2 days ago

Mich. man fleeing traffic stop tells troopers he swallowed heroin -- The suspect informed troopers that he had swallowed a large amount heroin and that he had done meth prior to the traffic stop.

Detroit Free Press - 2 days ago

Juice WRLD: federal agent gave rapper opioid antidote before he died, police say

Guardian UK - 2 days ago

Juice WRLD 'given opioid antidote by federal agent before he died'

Evening Standard - 2 days ago

Opioid manufacturer Johnson & Johnson files state Supreme Court appeal

Oklahoman - 2 days ago

'Addiction is...the call we knew was coming but hoped never would': Woman's emotional viral post reveals heartbreak of her brother-in-law's fatal overdose on fentanyl and cocaine

Daily Mail - 2 days ago

Busted: meth and heroin ring ran from Oklahoma prisons to Mexico

Oklahoman - 3 days ago

Hospital chain pledges to cut opioid prescriptions 40 percent by 2018 in face of painkiller epidemic

If Intermountain Healthcare reaches its goal, it will prescribe 5 million fewer opioid pills annually to patients in Utah and southern Idaho.

CNBC - 3 days ago

Walmart Removes Santa Cocaine Sweater From Website, Apologizes

Huffington Post - 3 days ago

Walmart Canada Apologizes For Website Listing Of ‘Ugly’ Christmas Sweater Showing Santa Claus With Cocaine

Walmart Canada issued an apology after selling an adult “ugly” Christmas sweater that appeared to show Santa Claus with a pile of cocaine. The sweater was part of a series listed on the ...

Inquisitr - 4 days ago

Louisiana tried to help prisoners fight opioid addiction. Here's why doctors objected

A California company has come under fire for its aborted plan to recruit inmates to test a novel program to battle opioid addiction.

Los Angeles Times - 5 days ago

Sinead Kissane: 'Testing times as racing chiefs tackle scourge of cocaine use' - 5 days ago

It's not just bootleg THC vapes making people sick. Some got their products from licensed dispensaries.

Six patients in Massachusetts reported purchasing THC products from licensed dispensaries.

NBC News - 6 days ago

Flesh-eating bacteria linked to black tar heroin kills 7 in San Diego County

County health officials said nine people were hospitalized with severe myonecrosis between Oct. 2 and Nov. 24; seven later died

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 6 days ago

Black Tar Heroin May Be Causing Deadly 'Flesh-Eating' Infections in San Diego

Live Science - 6 days ago

Flesh-eating bacteria linked to heroin kills 7 in California

DEC 5, 2019 - SAN DIEGO (AP) — A flesh-eating bacteria linked to the use of black tar heroin has killed at least seven people over the past two months in the San Diego area, prompting health...

Oklahoman - 6 days ago

'To suppress the demons': Ex-NRL player Jarrod Mullen pleads guilty to cocaine charge

Australian Broadcasting Corp - 8 days ago

With hundreds of kids orphaned by opioid crisis, this Maryland county has new outlook on trauma services

As opioid-related fatal overdoses increase, Cecil County officials are shifting their approach to focus on the pain of the kids left orphaned.

The Baltimore Sun - 10 days ago

'Everyone knows somebody:' The ultra-Orthodox community's opioid epidemic

YNET News - 13 days ago

'Narcosubmarine' Carrying Over 3 Tons Of Cocaine Called A Historic Point In The Fight Against Drug Trafficking

Inquisitr - 15 days ago

Tennessee AG's wife holds Walgreens stock amid opioid suits

Oklahoman - 15 days ago

Trump donates 3rd-quarter salary to help fight opioid crisis

Oklahoman - 16 days ago

State to appeal judge's final order in opioid case

NOV 22, 2019 - Attorney General Mike Hunter announced Thursday that the state plans to appeal a judge's order directing Johnson & Johnson to pay $465 million to fix the state's deadly...

Oklahoman - 21 days ago

Tuerk House in West Baltimore marks tenfold increase in inpatient opioid treatment services

The Baltimore Sun - 21 days ago

Inside Purdue Pharma's Media Playbook: How It Planted the Opioid "Anti-Story"

ProPublica - 23 days ago

Oklahoma judge issues final order in opioid case

NOV 15, 2019 - NORMAN — A judge issued a final order Friday directing pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiaries to pay the state $465 million to help remediate the deadly...

Oklahoman - 27 days ago

Oklahoma judge reduces amount Johnson & Johnson must pay state to help clean up opioid crisis by $107M to $465M

Oklahoman - 27 days ago

Oklahoma judge reduces J&J order in opioid lawsuit by $107M

Oklahoman - 27 days ago

Wild boar discover and snort £17,000 of cocaine in Tuscan forest

The hidden haul of white powder was strewn across the Valdichiana valley after being dug up and devoured by the feral hogs.

Sky News - 27 days ago

Defendants in opioid case say politico's input not needed

Oklahoman - 29 days ago

New York judge sets opioid crisis trial for January

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Governor and legislative leaders tell judge Johnson & Johnson's opioid abatement payments should not be limited to one year

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Four drug companies reach last-minute $260 million settlement in historic opioid lawsuit

Four major drug companies have settled with two Ohio counties to avoid going to trial over their role in the opioid crisis.

New York Daily News - 1 month ago

Here, the opioid crisis is bigger than politics. As rehab centers replace pill mills, an Ohio River city fights back

The scars from Portsmouth’s illegal pill mills run deep. When it seemed help wasn’t coming, an Army veteran and a group of fitness instructors, rehab counselors, and businessmen decided to try a new strategy.

Boston Globe - 1 month ago

Big question in opioid suits: How to divide any settlement

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Oklahoma launches inmate opioid relapse prevention program

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Oklahoma doctors charged in separate opioid drug cases

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Almost 50 pounds of cocaine fount in Port Everglades shipped from Dominican Republic

Dominican Today - 1 month ago

Judge says he miscalculated award by $107M in Oklahoma opioid case

Oklahoman - 1 month ago

Captain of yacht pleads guilty to smuggling 400 kilos of cocaine from Dominican Republic

Dominican Today - 2 months ago

Astronomers find water vapor on distant, temperate planet -- A pair of papers published this week argue that water vapor is present on K2-18 b, a temperate planet some 111 light-years from Earth.

Christian Science Monitor - 2 months ago

Maker of Windex Wants You to Know It’s Not in Opioid Biz

The attorney general of Oklahoma might have created a bit of confusion on that point in discussing an opioid settlement.

New York Magazine - 3 months ago

Watch Richard Sackler Deny His Family’s Role in the Opioid Crisis — ProPublica

Sackler testified in 2015 in a lawsuit brought by Kentucky against his family’s company, Purdue Pharma, which makes the painkiller OxyContin. We published the transcript in February. Now you can see the video.

ProPublica - 3 months ago

Australia: Japanese woman, 62, accused of smuggling methamphetamine

Tokyo Reporter - 3 months ago

How Has the "Crack Cocaine of Gambling" Affected Illinois? The State Hasn't Bothered to Check.

ProPublica - 3 months ago