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Emmett says he's being replaced on Alaska marijuana board

Charlotte Observer - 29 minutes ago

Why 2019 Could Be Marijuana's Biggest Year Yet

Politico - 58 minutes ago

Cocaine in London river is making eels 'hyperactive,' researchers say

Fox News - 1 hour ago

Oceanside growers look to get into medical marijuana...

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 1 hour ago

Taxi driver took cocaine to stay awake during long night shifts

WalesOnline - 1 hour ago

Galveston heroin dealer connected to drug ring learns fate

Houston Chronicle - 1 hour ago

Oceanside growers look to get into medical marijuana business

Los Angeles Times - 1 hour ago

Where to Buy Medical Marijuana and CBD in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Miami New Times - 2 hours ago

Chico's mass OD shows severe new phase of opioid epidemic

SF Gate - 2 hours ago

All 5 Arkansas medical marijuana plans under construction

All five of Arkansas medical marijuana cultivation facilities are now under construction.

Washington Times - 3 hours ago

Chico's mass overdose shows severe new phase of opioid epidemic

SF Gate - 3 hours ago

Vista starts accepting marijuana applications Tuesday in...

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 6 hours ago

Commute In Style With Amazon's One-Day Timbuk2 Sale

Gizmodo - 4 hours ago

'Heroin for middle-class nerds': how Warhammer conquered gaming

Guardian UK - 4 hours ago

bunch of discounted Timbuk2 bags

Gizmodo - 7 hours ago

Chico's mass overdose highlights new phase of opioid epidemic

SF Gate - 7 hours ago

'Large-scale' illegal marijuana case that began with dramatic early morning raid ends with a deal

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 9 hours ago

Why This Teen Is Fighting to Make It Legal for Kids to Take Medical Marijuana

Rylie Maedler, 13, credits cannabis oil with helping her control her tumors and seizures.

Inside Edition - 8 hours ago

Marijuana produces strange bedfellows in John Morgan, Ron DeSantis -- The Buzz

Tampa Bay Times - 9 hours ago

Chico's mass overdose highlights severe new phase of opioid epidemic

San Francisco Chronicle - 10 hours ago

Illinois' new governor touts legal marijuana, but will he remove roadblocks to expand medical pot?

Chicago Tribune - 11 hours ago

Noting the serious, even deadly, effects of marijuana

Washington Times - 1 day ago

Opioid abusers using their pets to score drugs?

News 24 - 1 day ago

Backstory: Reporting on the opioid crisis' effect on chronic pain patients

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 1 day ago

‘I’m trying not to die right now’: Why opioid-addicted patients are still searching for help

Politico - 1 day ago

More Babies Are Being Born with Intestines Outside the Body. Is the Condition Linked to Mom's Opioid Use?

A serious birth defect is on the rise in the United States, and a new report suggests it may be linked to opioid use.

Live Science - 2 days ago

Editorial: DeSantis leads on medical marijuana

The governor calls for an end to needless barriers to access and for allowing patients to use smokable marijuana.

Tampa Bay Times - 2 days ago

DuPage County task force outlines 5 goals to address opioid crisis as death numbers continue to climb

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 2 days ago

Babies of the opioid crisis face lifetime of health problems

As kids born dependent on opioids age, researchers are only beginning to understand the potential long-term impacts, including developmental delays, impaired hearing and vision, and behavior problems.

NBC News - 2 days ago

Drug maker payments to doctors are linked to higher opioid overdose deaths - The Boston Globe

Boston Globe - 2 days ago

Opioid Makers Are Looking Especially Evil This Week

Gizmodo - 2 days ago

Response to opioids epidemic should be modeled on response to AIDS epidemic

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 3 days ago

County by county, researchers link opioid deaths to marketing by drugmakers

The more opioid-related marketing dollars were spent in a county, the higher the rates of prescriptions and overdose deaths in that county, a new study finds.

Los Angeles Times - 3 days ago

Possible link seen between opioids and a birth defect that's on the rise

The horrific defect involves the baby being born with its intestines hanging outside the stomach

CBS News - 3 days ago

Researchers see possible link between opioids, birth defect

Fox News - 3 days ago

Report: Big Pharma Money to Doctors Led to Spike in Opioid Deaths

(CN) – As the U.S. opioid epidemic peaked in 2015, so did the amount of money spent to market prescription

Courthouse News - 3 days ago

40% of medical cannabis users quit other meds without doctors knowing

Daily Mail - 3 days ago

Lawsuits ramp up pressure on family that owns opioid company

ABC News - 3 days ago

FDA clears the way to increase access and lower cost of life-saving opioid overdose treatment drug

The FDA's change clears the way for drugmakers to sell naloxone without a prescription. The life-saving treatment for opioids is also known as Narcan and Evzio.

CNBC - 3 days ago

Retail Marijuana Is Becoming Big Business

Financial results for MedMen, one of the country's leading dispensary companies, suggest this market is on the cusp of a major opportunity.

International Business Times - 3 days ago

Does Marijuana Use Cause Schizophrenia?

New York Times - 3 days ago

Study links opioid epidemic to painkiller marketing

Channel NewsAsia - 3 days ago

Pharma Spending on Doctors Is Correlated With Opioid Deaths

Wired News - 3 days ago

Toddler With Fentanyl, Cocaine In System Hospitalized

International Business Times - 3 days ago

A year later, Annapolis big heroin bust sees some suspects released and re-charged

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 3 days ago

The clampdown on opioid prescriptions is hurting pain patients

Los Angeles Times - 3 days ago

Oklahoma medical marijuana sales reached nearly $1M in December

JAN 16, 2019 - OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Numbers from the Oklahoma Tax Commission show medical marijuana sales reached nearly $1 million in December, generating about $70,000 for state coffers from a special...

Oklahoman - 3 days ago

Medical marijuana goes on sale in Ohio, and pain patients wait in line

NBC News - 3 days ago

Opioid crisis brings unwanted attention to wealthy family

Oklahoman - 4 days ago

Opioid death rate plunges 41 percent in Florida county at center of epidemic

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 4 days ago

Drop in opioid prescribing - but progress is slow in rural areas

Daily Mail - 4 days ago

Marijuana is not a gateway drug and can't treat opioid use disorders

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 4 days ago

Doctors call California’s probe of opioid deaths a ‘witch hunt’

The California Medical Board is investigating doctors whose patients died of opioid overdoses, even if they didn't prescribe the fatal dose.

Los Angeles Times - 4 days ago

Ninth Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Miami-Dade

Miami New Times - 4 days ago

Missouri medical marijuana: Should minorities and women get preferential treatment?

The Kansas City Star - 4 days ago

California approves home marijuana delivery — even in communities that ban sales

The Denver Post - 4 days ago

Teen marijuana use: Just 1 to 2 joints may affect brain development

A new study suggests that even small amounts of teenage cannabis use – just one or two joints before the age of 15 – may be associated with significant changes in brain development.

CTV News - 4 days ago

Oklahoma senator files bill allowing for 'county option' on marijuana businesses; relative with grow operation says its passage could 'crush' family investment

Tulsa World - 4 days ago

Minimal marijuana use can change the brain says new study

CTV News - 4 days ago

OxyContin maker deceived doctors and patients, fueling opioid crisis, prosecutors say

A court filing by the Massachusetts attorney general alleges Richard Sackler, who once led Purdue Pharma, directed staff not to tell doctors how powerful OxyContin was and to push patients to higher doses.

NBC News - 4 days ago

State seeking proposals for opioid response grant

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 5 days ago

'Happy and Healthy': Paris Jackson Responds to Treatment Center Reports

Inside Edition - 5 days ago

Labeling bill tops Oklahoma medical marijuana agenda

Oklahoman - 5 days ago

Americans more likely to die from opioid overdose today than car accident

Americans are more likely to die from an accidental opioid overdose today than from a car crash, according to a study released Monday from the National Safety Council.

CNBC - 5 days ago

Marijuana trafficking defendant in Pawhuska disputes charge; officers 'had no idea what they were looking at,' he says

Tulsa World - 5 days ago

Massachusetts Attorney General Implicates Family Behind Purdue Pharma In Opioid Deaths

NPR - 5 days ago

OKC school district approves the use of medical marijuana

Oklahoman - 6 days ago

Erectile dysfunction drug overdose caused man's 'debilitating' vision problems, study says

A man who reportedly drank an entire 30-milliliter bottle liquid sildenafil, which is used to treat erectile dysfunction, experienced vision issues that included “debilitating night blindness,” according to a medical case study recently published in the in the journal JAMA Opthalmology.

Fox News - 6 days ago

Attorney general nominee Bill Barr says he would “not go after” marijuana companies in states where cannabis is legal

The Denver Post - 6 days ago

Even a little marijuana may change teen brain, study finds

Researchers say even one or two joints cause changes in areas of the brain involved in emotion-related processing, learning and forming memories, NBC News reports.

CNBC - 6 days ago

Scientists seek real way to measure pain amid opioid crisis | The Star

The National Institutes of Health is pushing for development of what its director, Dr. Francis Collins, has called a “pain-o-meter.” Spurred by the opioid crisis, the goal isn’t just to signal how much pain someone’s in. It’s also to determine what kind it is and what drug might be the most effective.

Toronto Star - 6 days ago

OKC School Board approves medical marijuana use

Oklahoman - 6 days ago