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Paul Merson interview -- 'It was easier to kick cocaine and drinking habits than gambling addiction'

Telegraph UK - 1 hour ago

Three tonnes of Afghan heroin seized in Gujarat - 1 hour ago

Young cocaine dealers caught when police stopped their car

WalesOnline - 2 hours ago

India seizes $3.7 billion Afghan heroin haul amid Kabul takeover chaos

Australian Broadcasting Corp - 2 hours ago

NHS worker raped sleeping woman after night taking cocaine and drinking

WalesOnline - 2 hours ago

Enormous three-tonne haul of heroin from Afghanistan worth $3.5BILLION is seized at Indian port after it arrived via Iran

Daily Mail - 3 hours ago

Nearly 3 tonnes of heroin seized from Mundra port: Eight biggest drug busts in the world

First Post - 4 hours ago

Indian authorities seize heroin 'worth £2bn' arriving from Afghanistan

Independent UK - 4 hours ago

India seized $2.7bn in Afghan heroin amid Taliban takeover chaos

Nearly three tonnes of heroin from Afghanistan seized and two people arrested in one of India’s biggest such hauls.

Aljazeera - 5 hours ago

India seizes $2.7bn Afghan heroin haul amid Kabul takeover chaos

Dawn - 6 hours ago

Mundra Port: Nearly three tonnes of heroin seized at Gujarat port

The seized drugs reportedly have a street value of more than $2.7bn.

BBC News - 8 hours ago

Andhra Pradesh firm received 25 tonnes of heroin worth Rs 72,000 cr

Deccan Chronicle - 11 hours ago

Maryland deaths from prescription opioids could outpace those caused by heroin for first time in 10 years

The Baltimore Sun - 1 day ago

'You haven't called once to see how I'm doing': Comedian Kate Quigley blasts ex Darius Rucker for commenting on her fentanyl-laced cocaine overdose that killed three friends

Daily Mail - 1 day ago

OxyContin profits will go toward opioid treatment and prevention

Los Angeles Times - 1 day ago

Opinion: It’s time to properly address the opioid crisis. So why is it getting so little attention this election?

Whether the goal is staying alive or living full lives, we should not allow political leaders to simply blather on about ‘treatment’

The Globe and Mail - 3 days ago

Billionaire Sacklers' immunity threatened as DOJ moves to block opioid deal

Ars Technica - 4 days ago

Delta-8 marijuana products can be dangerous, health officials warn

Live Science - 6 days ago

Editorial: Local officials must jealously guard Colorado’s opioid settlement dollars

The Denver Post - 7 days ago

Bankruptcy Judge Approves Purdue Pharma Plan to Resolve Opioid Claims |

Hamodia - 19 days ago

#FreeSalMagluta: Cocaine Cowboy Seeks Compassionate Release From Federal Prison

A federal judge is considering Sal Magluta's petition for compassionate release from a supermax prison in Colorado.

Miami New Times - 1 month ago

Best THC Detox Methods To Flush Out Weed From Your Body

The Denver Post - 1 month ago

We Are Releasing the Full Video of Richard Sackler's Testimony About Purdue Pharma and the Opioid Crisis

ProPublica - 1 month ago

4 Olympic Games staffers from U.S. and U.K. arrested for using cocaine

Tokyo Reporter - 2 months ago

New Research Offers Rare Hope for Treating Methamphetamine Use Disorder

Gizmodo - 8 months ago

Opioid Overdoses Keep Surging in Chicago, Killing Black People on the West Side

ProPublica - 1 year ago

Amid Opioid Crisis, Insurers Restrict Pricey, Less Addictive Painkillers

ProPublica - 1 year ago

Attorneys General in 37 States Urge Insurance Industry to Do More to Curb Opioid Epidemic

ProPublica - 1 year ago

Senator Calls on Insurers to Improve Access to Non-Opioid Pain Treatments

ProPublica - 1 year ago

Pressure Mounts on Insurance Companies to Consider Their Role in Opioid Epidemic

ProPublica - 1 year ago

Opioid Makers, Blamed for Overdose Epidemic, Cut Back on Marketing Payments to Doctors

ProPublica - 1 year ago

Inside Purdue Pharma's Media Playbook: How It Planted the Opioid "Anti-Story"

ProPublica - 1 year ago

Watch Richard Sackler Deny His Family's Role in the Opioid Crisis

ProPublica - 2 years ago

How Has the "Crack Cocaine of Gambling" Affected Illinois? The State Hasn't Bothered to Check.

ProPublica - 2 years ago