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Homeless people in Edmonton are dying of overdoses at shockingly high rates — and officials aren’t sure why | The Star

Troubling fatal overdose figures in Alberta’s capital spur calls for better data collection, legalization of illicit drugs, and dedicated drug treatment facilities for Indigenous people who, some believe, are at a higher risk of dying on Edmonton streets.

Toronto Star - 1 hour ago

Marijuana Ingredient Shaking Up The Beverage Industry

International Business Times - 1 hour ago

Aurora Cannabis investing $10 million in marijuana retailer High Tide -- Under the agreement, Aurora will hold debentures that will bear an annual interest rate of 8.5 per cent.

Toronto Star - 1 hour ago

Old-school accounting firms are finding the emerging marijuana industry to be an unexpected goldmine — and a minefield

Business Insider - 1 hour ago

'I had to see my son be put in a body bag.' Frankfort mom shows 8th-graders the heartbreaking aftermath of heroin overdose.

Chicago Tribune - 2 hours ago

Julia Louis-Dreyfus speaks for the first time on her sister's death

Daily Mail - 7 hours ago

Cannabis experts on cooking up marijuana-infused munchies

CTV News - 7 hours ago

Update: Group that authored SQ788 calls AG to investigate flap over marijuana rules, alleged collusion

Tulsa World - 2 days ago

Fentanyl overtakes heroin as the No. 1 opioid overdose killer

New report says overdose deaths involving fentanyl have more than doubled each year since 2013

CBS News - 22 hours ago

Naloxone, a life-saving antidote to drug overdose: myths and facts

Tehran Times - 11 hours ago

Corruption Claims Stand to Sully FBI Cocaine Convictions

Courthouse News - 11 hours ago

Fentanyl Surpasses Heroin As Drug Most Often Involved In Deadly Overdoses

NPR - 14 hours ago

Massive haul of meth, cocaine, heroin seized at US-Mexico bridge

A drug bust at the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas earlier this week exposed nearly $7 million worth of narcotics at a cargo facility.

Fox News - 13 hours ago

Vista council gearing up for new marijuana dispensaries

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 14 hours ago

'Ben Is Back': Julia Roberts has never been better than she is as mom in denial

Chicago Sun-Times - 14 hours ago

Officials reviewing safer opioids after more than 2,000 killed in 6 months

CTV News - 15 hours ago

Family sues hospital where surgeon given 'near-overdose' of opioids

Daily Mail - 15 hours ago

Sullivan & Cromwell, an elite Wall Street law firm, is working with a Canadian pot company on a $1.8 billion M&A deal. Here's why that's 'momentous' for the marijuana industry.

Sullivan & Cromwell, a prestigious, white-shoe law firm, advised Cronos on the deal with Altria, which was advised by Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.

Business Insider - 16 hours ago

Rahm Emanuel wants to legalize marijuana, open casino in Chicago

NBC News - 17 hours ago

Aphria signs medical marijuana supply deal with company in Paraguay

Aphria will supply Insumos Medicos S.A., a pharmaceutical manufacturing, import and distribution company.

Montreal Gazette - 18 hours ago

British couple arrested on suspicion of cocaine smuggling named

Telegraph UK - 18 hours ago

Deadliest drugs: Fentanyl overtakes heroin in No. 1 spot for fatal overdoses in 2016

Tulsa World - 20 hours ago

Opioid maker Insys paid physician assistant kickbacks, US jury hears

CONCORD, N.H.: A former physician assistant in New Hampshire put his own greed ahead of medical obligations by taking kickbacks from Insys ...

Channel NewsAsia - 20 hours ago

Oklahoma health board approves marijuana edibles rules

Oklahoman - 22 hours ago

Pictured: British pensioners aged 72 and 70 who were arrested in Portugal over £2million haul of cocaine in their cruise ship suitcases

Daily Mail - 22 hours ago

Eye Worms, Octopuses on MDMA, and More: The Strangest Science Stories of 2018

Truly, 2018 has been a year filled with news that made us look blankly ahead and utter ‘wat’ into the void, frozen in confusion, every day. But there were a few stories that were cream of the crop when it came to their sheer weirdness. And that’s especially true within the world of science and health.

Gizmodo - 22 hours ago

Tough new opioid policies leave some cancer and post-surgery patients without painkillers

New federal and state hard lines on painkiller prescriptions are affecting even cancer patients and people fresh out of major surgeries.

Fox News - 23 hours ago

Health experts offer solutions for unintended consequences of opioid crackdown

The most urgently needed first step to addressing the misunderstandings about Centers for Disease and Prevention opioid prescribing guidelines, many clinicians and health experts say, is for the agency to clarify – in a high-profile way-- what the guidelines were meant, and not meant, to do.

Fox News - 1 day ago

Physician assistant faces US trial over Insys opioid kickbacks

Fox News - 1 day ago

FDA declines to approve Mallinckrodt's abuse-deterrent opioid painkiller

Channel NewsAsia - 1 day ago

Treating America’s Pain: Unintended Victims of the Opioid Crackdown, Part 3 – The Solutions

The government has addressed the overdose epidemic with an aggressive focus on reducing prescribing practices, which has unintentionally led many doctors to cut down or cut off their patients’ pain medications altogether. This tactic has left many chronic pain sufferers undertreated, with some even contemplating taking their own life. Fox News spoke with numerous doctors, specialists and scholars to find out what the next steps should be to address these unintended consequences.

Fox News - 1 day ago

Pregnant woman will give birth in prison after being jailed for supplying heroin

WalesOnline - 1 day ago

New prescription drug is giving hope to opioid addicts

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 1 day ago

Meth playing bigger role in US drug overdose crisis

ABC News - 1 day ago

Univ. of Connecticut to offer course on marijuana industry for a budding career path

The course is already causing a buzz. "We ran out of seats," a professor said.

NBC News - 1 day ago

Recreational marijuana could come to New York State in 2019

"The positive effects of a regulated marijuana market in New York State outweigh the potential negative impacts," the New York Department of Health states.

NBC News - 1 day ago

Health board sends marijuana edibles rules to governor

Oklahoman - 1 day ago

Elderly man evicted over medical marijuana hits another snag

ABC News - 1 day ago

Surgeon general tells Aberdeen Proving Ground audience how to help combat opioid epidemic

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 1 day ago

Contaminated batch of heroin is being sold on England's streets

Daily Mail - 1 day ago

State’s third recreational marijuana story to open in Salem

Boston Herald - 1 day ago

Porter County joins lawsuit against opioid producers, distributors

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 1 day ago

How Do You Recover After Millions Have Watched You Overdose?

New York Times - 1 day ago

Treating America's Pain: Unintended Victims of the Opioid Crackdown, Part 2 – The Doctors

Fox News - 1 day ago

Marijuana education or illegal drug-selling? Instagram's not sure

The Denver Post - 2 days ago

Scientists search for marijuana's holy grail — consistent highs

NBC News - 2 days ago

New Zealand passes law allowing broader use of medical marijuana

Australian Broadcasting Corp - 2 days ago

Some Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries are now selling products

DEC 4, 2018 - Oklahomans with medical marijuana cards can buy pot from some dispensaries.

Oklahoman - 2 days ago

New Zealand law to make medical marijuana widely available

ABC News - 2 days ago

British OAPs arrested on cruise liner with 'large amount of cocaine' inside four suitcases

Daily Express - 2 days ago

Family claim marijuana-laced granola bars eased Alzheimer's symptoms for dying Holocaust survivor who was plagued by flashbacks of Auschwitz

Daily Mail - 2 days ago

More people than ever are dying from opioid overdoses. But not in Miami-Dade.

Florida legislators were initially hesitant to pass the Infectious Disease Elimination Act allowing needle exchanges here.

Miami Herald - 2 days ago

Surgery to remove wisdom teeth puts some teens and young adults on a path to opioid abuse

Chicago Tribune - 3 days ago

A young mayor, his friend, and a fatal attraction to opioids

Oklahoman - 3 days ago

After marijuana helps patriarch with Alzheimer's, his family pushes for more research

ABC News - 3 days ago

Nurse at VA hospital in Rhode Island admits he stole liquid opioids

Stars and Stripes - 4 days ago

Medical marijuana user, 78, evicted from subsidized housing

Tulsa World - 5 days ago

Elon Musk says video of him smoking a joint PROVES he doesn't use marijuana as it shows he doesn't know what he's doing and rejects claims he is 'erratic'

Daily Mail - 5 days ago

Possible results of GB Sciences, LSU marijuana research agreement? New strains, DNA banks, more

The Advocate - 5 days ago

A look at where companies stand on marijuana business

Tulsa World - 5 days ago

Marlboro maker places $1.8 billion bet on marijuana

Tulsa World - 5 days ago

How Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Out Could Lead to Heroin Addiction

Inside Edition - 5 days ago

Marlboro cigarette parent buying major stake in marijuana company

Chicago Tribune - 5 days ago

Older Americans Are Flocking to Medical Marijuana

New York Times - 6 days ago

Google Searches Could Predict Heroin Overdoses

Scientific American - 6 days ago

Editorial: NJ 'legal weed' bill lifts off, but final approval will require compromise

There is finally legitimate legislation to consider with regard to the legalization of recreational marijuana in New Jersey.

North Jersey - 6 days ago

Pot delivery one possibility as Colorado prepares for a year of change in marijuana industry

The Denver Post - 6 days ago

Groups sue to block medical marijuana compromise in Utah

ABC News - 6 days ago