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Fentanyl driving overdose deaths

Fentanyl was responsible for almost 70% of all opioid overose deaths in 2021. Jeff Pegues takes a closer look at the drug’s impact on Colorado and beyond.

CBS News - 5 hours ago

Trump goes cuckoo over Cocaine Mitch — Sad!

Washington Examiner - 13 hours ago

Man carried on cocaine dealing after his dad's imprisonment to pay off drug debts

WalesOnline - 16 hours ago

Police confirm 'significant' quantity of cocaine has washed up on a Welsh beach

WalesOnline - 16 hours ago

Jamie Lee Curtis on her 'secret' opioid addiction that lasted for more than 10 years

Daily Express - 2 days ago

Fund aimed at reducing Delaware opioid deaths

Bay to Bay News - 2 days ago

How McKinsey Got Into the Business of Addiction - The consulting firm's work with opioid makers is well known, but for decades McKinsey worked with Big Tobacco and has also advised Juul, the e-cigarette company. By - Walt Bogdanich - and - Michael Forsythe

New York Times - 2 days ago

Drug death town's free heroin scheme to end

Evening Standard - 4 days ago

Air Force to (some) THC users: You might get a second chance

Stars and Stripes - 4 days ago

Could a Covid treatment be the remedy for America's opioid epidemic? Scientists attempt to turn antibody therapy that Donald Trump was given to clear virus into non-addictive painkiller

Daily Mail - 5 days ago

How Albanian gangs took control of Britain's cocaine

Telegraph UK - 6 days ago

Biden administration awards $1.5 billion to fight opioid crisis

The Biden administration announced Friday it is awarding $1.5 billion in grants to help states, territories and tribal lands combat the opioid crisis.

CNBC - 8 days ago

$100 million in grants coming to Florida and Seminole Tribe to combat opioid crisis

Orlando Sentinel - 9 days ago

Bong Age? Israeli Archaeologists Find Opium in Bronze Age Ceramics

Haaretz - 13 days ago

Israeli pharma Teva Pharm expects to start paying U.S. opioid settlement in 2023

YNET News - 14 days ago

Italian police find cocaine in wheelchair of airline passenger pretending to be disabled

After a drug detection dog flagged the drugs to officers at an airport in Milan, the wheelchair user got up and started walking unaided. Police said they found the drugs stuffed into the wheelchair's upholstery.

Sky News - 1 month ago

Police find cocaine worth £1.2m hidden in wheelchair

Sky News - 1 month ago

Dog sniffs out cocaine hidden in wheelchair at Milan airport

AP News - 1 month ago

A shipment of baby wipes turns out to be $11.8 million worth of cocaine

NPR - 1 month ago

Inside Purdue Pharma’s Media Playbook: How It Planted the Opioid “Anti-Story”

OxyContin’s makers delayed the reckoning for their role in the opioid crisis by funding think tanks, placing friendly experts on leading outlets, and deterring or challenging negative coverage.

ProPublica - 4 months ago

New Documents Show How Drug Companies Targeted Doctors to Increase Opioid Prescriptions

A trove of documents published as part of a legal settlement offers an unvarnished look inside the financial relationships between pharmaceutical companies and the medical community — from the perspective of drug companies themselves.

ProPublica - 4 months ago

I've seen the ruined lives behind the cocaine habits of the dinner party set who love to brag about their ethical values, writes HARRIET SERGEANT

Daily Mail - 7 months ago

Heroin addict babies, leeches, dodgy spivs? Come on, nurse - it's meant to be Christmas!

Daily Mail - 7 months ago

4 Olympic Games staffers from U.S. and U.K. arrested for using cocaine

Tokyo Reporter - 9 months ago

We Are Releasing the Full Video of Richard Sackler's Testimony About Purdue Pharma and the Opioid Crisis

ProPublica - 1 year ago

Opioid Overdoses Keep Surging in Chicago, Killing Black People on the West Side

ProPublica - 2 years ago

Amid Opioid Crisis, Insurers Restrict Pricey, Less Addictive Painkillers

ProPublica - 2 years ago

Attorneys General in 37 States Urge Insurance Industry to Do More to Curb Opioid Epidemic

ProPublica - 2 years ago

Senator Calls on Insurers to Improve Access to Non-Opioid Pain Treatments

ProPublica - 2 years ago

Pressure Mounts on Insurance Companies to Consider Their Role in Opioid Epidemic

ProPublica - 2 years ago

Opioid Makers, Blamed for Overdose Epidemic, Cut Back on Marketing Payments to Doctors

ProPublica - 2 years ago

Watch Richard Sackler Deny His Family's Role in the Opioid Crisis

ProPublica - 3 years ago

How Has the "Crack Cocaine of Gambling" Affected Illinois? The State Hasn't Bothered to Check.

ProPublica - 3 years ago